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Companies looking for Int'l co-operation: Hainan Flyer Technology
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Production and operation enterprise name:

Business scope: Import & Export

Address (detailed mailing address): 4th Floor, Hainan Data Valley, Hainan Building, No. 5 Guoxing Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

Company representative: Peter

Email: fxztech0314@foxmail.com

Telephone: 0898-66157812

Official website: https://www.fxztech.com/

Registration Number:

Certificate validity period:

Exports to: Worldwide

Introduction: Hainan Flyer Technology was founded in 2016. It is a company concerned with R&D, manufacturing and services of unmanned intelligent control, integrating the design, development, production and services of UAV. The company is located in Hainan free trade port, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.

Hainan Flyer Technology is a leader of unmanned intelligent control industry. We are dedicated to embedding the high work efficiency ethos into the development of cities and environment.

The company's main business includes the hardware manufacturing of UAV, the multi-UAV flocking formation, the UAV fully automatic intelligent transportation platform, the spatial information technology and the products for city services.

The company's business areas cover all levels, providing cutting-edge unmanned intelligent control products and services for the government, Internet, education, security, telecommunications, transportation, electric power, medical and other industries.

Our clients include large groups and government agencies.

We have a core team for independent R&D of UAV, and now our company possesses 18 types of UAV and a series of UAV-related products, and we also provide the UAV-related services.

We have established a stable sales network in domestic market,which rely on innovative and diverse designs, high-quality and cost-effective products and services.

Our company is pioneering foreign markets.

Your attention is very welcome, and we are looking forward to you contacting with us!

slogan: Technology integrates into dream

What do you need from the international market / businesses?


1. Flight platform:

(1)Industrial UAV: Fly-XS, Flyer-XC, Flyer-TB

(2)Consumer UAV: Flyer-GX5, Flyer-X1, Flyer-X7, Flyer-Q1

2. Load series: Orthophoto camera, Tilt camera, photoelectric pod, Multispectral camera

Demand of cooperation: We want to seek for the right partner for products agent in the world.
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