Hainan High-End Luxury Hotel Project

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Hainan High-End Luxury Hotel Project

1. Positioning

Attracting international High-End Luxury hotel brands and providing unique products of "healthcare holiday + cultural experience" for global tourists, a luxury and private stay experience that blends mind and body with nature.

2. Location and Land Use Scale

The Shuiman Town in Wuzhishan and the Haiwei National Wetland Park in Changjiang. The project development and construction land is about 100-300 mu.

3. Investment Scale And Construction Period

The total investment of a single project is initially estimated at 500 million to 1 billion yuan, and the construction period is 3 years.

4. Main Goals and Targeted Investors

(1) Goals

To introduce international high-end hotel brands and first-class hotel management team to Hainan, build a top hotel brand to Hainan and promote Hainan's hotel industry to the top level in the world;

To create differentiated top hotel product categories and motivate the potential of the global high-end consumers to travel to Hainan.

(2) Targeted Investors

The main investment targets are: the direct investment, management and operation of international high-end hotels and famous hotel management brands, or the joint ventures and cooperative development of investors with economic strength and investment experience in large-scale cultural and tourism comprehensive projects.

5. Planning Site Selection

1 Hainan High-End Luxury Hotel Project.jpg

(1)The Shuiman Town in Wuzhishan

Located in the southeast of Shuiman Town, Wuzhishan, Hainan Province. Adjacent to Wuzhishan Butterfly Ecological Ranch.

(2)The Haiwei National Wetland Park in Changjiang

Located in Haiwei Town, Changjiang, Hainan Province, within the scope of Changjiang Haiwei National Wetland Park. There are three sites for the project location.

In the "Changjiang Li Autonomous County Master Plan (Space Category 2015-2030)", the planned land types are all tourism construction land.

Site selection 1: The development boundary of the area is 21.18 hectares (317.7 mu), and the construction land area is 18.91 hectares (283.65 mu);

Site selection 2: The development boundary of the area is 10.23 hectares (153.45 mu), and the construction land area is 1.90 hectares (28.5 mu);

Site selection 3: The development boundary of the area is 24.56 hectares (368.4 mu), and the construction land area is 15.89 hectares (238.35 mu).

The sites have not been constructed yet, and it is mainly consist of vacant land, agricultural and forestry land.

2 Hainan High-End Luxury Hotel Project.png
3 Hainan High-End Luxury Hotel Project.png

Figure 2 and 3:Location indication(Changjiang)

6. Analysis of Strengths

(1) Market prospect advantage

In March 2008, the State Council approved the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island. Hainan's tourism industry has developed rapidly, gradually forming a new pattern of tourism in the eastern region and the accelerated development of tourism in the central and western regions.

Until 2019, in terms of the total market, Hainan has received 83.112 million domestic and foreign tourists, increased by 9.0% year-on-year; 1.4359 million inbound tourists were received, increased by 13.6% year-on-year; total tourism revenue was 105.78 billion yuan, increased by 11.3% year-on-year.

(2) Preferential Policies

In June 2020, the "Overall Plan for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" proposed to focus on the four strategic orientations of Hainan, to build "three districts and one center", exploit the advantages to Hainan’s rich natural resources, unique geographical location, and backing of large-scale domestic market and hinterland economy.

Hainan will focus on the development of the three leading industries of tourism, modern service industry, and high-tech industry, and accelerate the cultivation of new advantages for cooperation and competition with Hainan characteristics.

Under the background of the Free Trade Port, Hainan will implement the taxation system arrangement of "zero tariff, low tax rate and simplified tax system" and the system design of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation.

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