Hainan World New Energy Vehicle Experience Center Project

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Hainan World New Energy Vehicle Experience Center Project

1. Positioning and main functions

Leading the new model of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Hainan Province, leading the new development of high-end new energy and intelligent networked vehicles in Hainan, and leading the new green travel services in Hainan Province.

The main functions include:

Car world, covering car experience stores, exhibition halls, car brand life halls, car delivery towers, styling centers, high-voltage charging stations, and car colleges;

Car exhibition sales areas, covering experience stores, sales docking, new car release platform, delivery towers for other brands, centralized automobile exhibition areas, etc.;

Car maintenance area, including brand repair stations and comprehensive maintenance areas;

Experience and test lane, including the speed experience lane and the new car test drive experience lane, Electric Formula, College Student Auto Competition;

Automobile styling design center, including various brand styling design centers, creative design competitions;

Automobile inspection and certification center, including three electric systems, wind tunnels, bench rotation hubs, 5G/V2X , Intelligent and connected car road test;

Experience center complex, including VR self-driving travel experience, future car simulation experience, theme restaurants, main coffee, visitor center, hotel, children's playground, etc.;

Industrial supporting area, including car theater, talent apartments, property services, RV camps, post service areas, etc.

2. Construction site and land use scale

Mission Hills Resort, Haikou City. The project is planned to cover an area of about 600 mu, which can be expanded to 1250 mu according to development needs. The total construction area is about 130,000 square meters, and there are about 3 kilometers of experience and test track.

3. Investment Scale and Construction Period

The full-scale investment of the experience center is about 3 billion yuan, divided into three stages: the project start-up period (2020), the construction development period (2021-2025), and the platform operation period (2026-2030) Construction.

4. Goals and Targeted Investors:

In 2020, determining the main body of the project, clarifying the investment and operation mechanism; complete the industrial function planning and regional planning of the project, and list the experience center as a demonstration station on Hainan's round-island tourist highway; starting the construction of new energy passenger vehicles preliminary work in the experience, sales, and maintenance zone; developing and improving the functions of the new energy vehicle public data platform and charging service public platform for the travel platform, and gradually accessing to the public data of vehicles and piles; be the first to start a demonstrating operation of new energy official fleet: the taxi fleet and tourist fleet in Haikou.

In subsequent years, we will introduce more than 5 investment projects from well-known new energy vehicles, more than 5 travel service companies, and more than 20 functional supporting service companies; introducing and cultivating more than 10 innovative companies in the new energy and intelligent networked car industry, and introducing more than 500 domestic and foreign professionals; there are 2 million tourists every year, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%; the main economic indicators of the project have an average annual growth rate of more than 20%.

The main targeted investors are:

to introduce domestic and foreign investors to participate in the overall construction of the project;

to introduce domestic and foreign well-known new energy automobile enterprises, automobile dealership enterprises, and travel service companies to settle in Hainan to create the automobile industry chain of travel service and other functions in design, manufacturing and after-sales etc. ;

to introduce high-end conferences, forums, exhibitions, and competitions in the new energy vehicles and the intelligent networked industry;

to introduce innovative talents and entrepreneurial teams in the travel service and intelligent networked automotive industry;

to introduce well-known domestic automobile professionals Colleges and universities cooperate with schools and enterprises to jointly run schools in Hainan to cultivate professional talents.

to support well-known R&D companies and R&D centers of well-known companies to set up training institutions in Hainan;

to introduce high-end automobile observation, experience, competition projects and typical supporting projects of automobile life.

5. Analysis of Strengths

(1) Preferential Policies

Firstly, the policies of the Hainan Free Trade Port are favourable.

For encouraged industrial enterprises registered in the Hainan Free Trade Port and substantively operating, the corporate income tax is reduced by 15%.

For high-end talents and talents in short supply who work in Hainan Free Trade Port, the part of their actual personal income tax burden exceeding 15% will be exempted.

The "zero tariff" negative list management is implemented for the production equipment imported by enterprises for their own use.

The positive list management of "zero tariff" shall be implemented for the operational vehicles imported on the island for transportation and tourism.

For the goods produced by enterprises in the encouraged industries that do not include imported materials and processed at the Hainan Free Trade Port with a value added of more than 30% (inclusive), they will be exempt from customs duties when entering the mainland.

Secondly, Hainan will continue to improve its policies in terms of new energy vehicle purchase, travel, and operation. The number of new fuel vehicles will be strictly controlled.

Government vehicles in the province are completely prohibited from purchasing fuel vehicles, and all new vehicles purchased from new energy vehicles.

At the same time as the implementation of the lottery for fuel vehicles, the purchase of new energy vehicles will be fully liberalized. Several opinions have been issued to encourage the healthy development of the pure electric car time-sharing leasing industry, guiding the province's car leasing industry to transform to electric vehicle time-sharing leasing.

(2) Location advantage

Hainan is the center of the international logistics landscape. In addition, Hainan is an important node on the Maritime Silk Road. It has two broad markets in China and countries along the “Belt and Road”. It can become a “two-way valve” connecting the two international and domestic markets and an open highland that gathers advanced resources at home country and abroad. Provide huge market space for the development of new energy automobile industry.

(3) Geographical advantages

First, the average temperature in Hainan is high, and the temperature difference between seasons, between days, and between day and night is small, which is conducive to the improvement of battery efficiency. Second, the land area of Hainan Island is 35,400 square kilometers and the roundabout highway is 612.8 kilometers. Independent geographic unit, the size of the area is highly compatible with the range of new energy vehicles and the construction of charging infrastructure. The implementation of new energy vehicles has natural geographical advantages.

(4) Application environment advantages

Firstly, Hainan Island has a market capacity of 1 to 2 million new energy vehicles. At the same time, it can make full use of the policy advantages of the free trade port to export new energy vehicle products and technologies to the markets of countries along the "Belt and Road". Enterprise growth provides a broad market space;

Secondly, Hainan is promoting the full coverage of 5G applications across the island, which will lay a solid foundation for the development of the Internet of Things and intelligent networked vehicles;

Thirdly, Hainan’s automobile industry has a certain industrial foundation and has rapid development of new energy The basic conditions for automobile transformation; fourth, in 2019, Hainan received 83.14 million domestic and foreign tourists, an increase of 9% year-on-year. Hainan’s tourists are expected to exceed 100 million in recent years. At the same time, various international conferences such as the Boao Forum for Asia are held every year. Energy vehicles provide a wealth of application scenarios.

(5) Energy advantage

Hainan has abundant reserves of clean energy resources such as solar photovoltaic, wind energy, tidal energy, natural gas and nuclear power. At present, the installed capacity of clean energy accounts for about 60%, and it is expected to reach 80% by 2025. It can provide sufficient energy guarantee for clean energy vehicles and also Realize the clean life cycle from the end of energy generation to the end of vehicle use and emission.

6. Project Planning and Supporting Facilities

(1) Current plot

As shown in Figure 1, according to the existing plan, the available area of the site selection area does not involve basic farmland of about 600 acres, which can meet the existing project needs of the experience center; at the same time, if there is further land demand for the subsequent development of the experience center, It can be expanded to 1250 acres.

Hainan World New Energy Vehicle Experience Center Project.png

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the current status of the plot and the range of site options

(2) Surrounding construction and city supporting facilities

Mission Hills Resort is close to the Ring Expressway and the Eastern Expressway, 15 kilometers away from Meilan International Airport, about 20 minutes by car. At the same time, Mission Hills Resort is a global high-end tourism resort, leisure experience, event viewing, movie life comprehensive function area. It has opened 10 golf courses, 11 football fields, and built high-end hotels such as Ritz-Carlton and Renaissance. And Feng Xiaogang Film Commune, high-end rehabilitation center, Hainan hot spring center, etc.
Hainan World New Energy Vehicle Experience Center Project 2.png

Figure 2 Map of supporting conditions around the project

(3) Mechanism Guarantee

Through the establishment of various and all levels of new energy automobile industry development promotion working groups, the mechanism guarantee for the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the new energy automobile industry in Hainan is provided.

Details as follows:

Establishing the Hainan Provincial New Energy Automobile Expert Advisory Committee. The committee members plan to select a certain number of experts from well-known auto companies and authoritative research institutions such as the China Automotive Technology Research Center.

The government and enterprises jointly fund the establishment of the Global New Energy Vehicle Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Center). The main function of the promotion center is to undertake the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in the province in the next stage. At the same time, it is responsible for the daily work of the secretariat of the advisory committee, as well as the communication and docking and service guarantee between the advisory committee and various departments of Hainan Province.

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