Ledong Longxi Bay Tourist Resort Hotel Project

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Ledong Longxi Bay Tourist Resort Hotel Project

1. Positioning and Functions

(1) Positioning:

This project aims to create a super five-star health care, leisure and ecological low-density resort hotel integrating characteristic boutique hotels, high-end clubs, high-end offices, conference display, leisure and health care, and commercial villa vacations, leading the development of local tourism.

(2) Functions:

The main function of the project is to use hotel rooms, public service rooms, management rooms and supporting facilities rooms, and supporting the construction of outdoor water supply and drainage, power supply facilities, green landscape, roads and squares within the outdoor land.

2. Planning Site Selection and Land Use Scale

The project is located in the south of Longqi Bay, Jiusuo Town, Ledong Li Autonomous County, with a planned total construction land of 748.63 mu, of which the above-ground buildings include hotel rooms, catering and entertainment facilities, hotel management rooms, etc; underground buildings include underground parking garages, air defense basements, and equipment management rooms.

The hotel is planned to be designed according to super five-star standards, and main construction content includes: hotel rooms, public service rooms, management rooms and supporting facilities rooms, and supporting the construction of outdoor water supply and drainage, power supply facilities, green landscape, roads and squares within the outdoor land. The project construction period is planned to be 3 years (36 months), and the construction phase can be divided into preliminary preparation, survey and design, main project construction, auxiliary project construction, and completion acceptance and delivery.

3. Goals and Targeted Investors

The project aims to make Ledong a new tourist landmark in Hainan, filling the gap where Ledong does not have a high-end star hotel currently, steadily promoting the construction of a rainforest tourism group in the central region, improving the tourism image and cultural attraction of Ledong, enhancing regional tourism service capabilities, and contributing to local fiscal revenues with the development of related industries and increase of job positions.

The main investment targets are: multinational companies that focus on introducing large-scale cultural and tourism complexes, and have investment experience and industrial resources in the hotel and cultural tourism industry in the free trade port or the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Specifically include: large domestic hotel service providers, internationally renowned hotel brands, etc.

4. Project advantages analysis

(1) Preferential policies of Hainan FTP

The most open policies will be implemented in the management of funds, personnel, and goods, which can greatly attract domestic and foreign tourists to visit Hainan and increase the number of consumer customers for this project.

(2) Location Advantage

Hainan is at the center of the international logistics map and an important node on the Maritime Silk Road, sitting on the domestic market as well as that of the countries along the Belt and Road.

It can be built to connect both domestic and international markets and an open highland gathering advanced resources, providing a huge market space for the development of the hotel industry.

(3) Application advantage.

Hainan is promoting the full coverage of 5G applications across the island, laying a solid foundation for the use of the Internet + Hotel model.

Since the establishment of Hainan province, it has vigorously developed its tourism industry with its own advantages in tourism resources, and a lot of funds Focusing on hotels.

Hainan received 83.14 million domestic and foreign tourists in 2019, an increase of 9% year-on-year.

It is estimated that Hainan tourists will exceed 100 million in recent years. The provincial government has issued 30 action measures to revitalize the tourism industry (2020-2021), proposing incentives from increasing fiscal, taxation and financial support, promoting the implementation of tourism projects, and developing industrial integration.

Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture issued the "Implementation Rules for the Use of Special Funds for the Development of Key Industries (Tourism Industry) in Hainan Province" (2020-2021), awarding respectively RMB 500,000 and RMB 300,000 to the newly assessed five-star hotels and four-star hotels in Hainan province. At the same time, the annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia and other large-scale international conferences held every year in Hainan provide remarkable application condition of the project.

(4) Service advantage.

The local area has a good business environment. The People's Government of Ledong Li Autonomous County has established a joint meeting system for communication with enterprises, and implemented the "four one" investment mechanism with one key industry, one leading leader, one leading department, and one investment promotion team. Companies will be provided with all-round services, such as policy consultation, bank introduction, and industrial upgrading, providing links and supporting services for the project and the layout of local advantageous industries.

(5) Siting advantage.

The project site is located in the south of Longqi Bay, Jiusuo Town, Ledong Li Autonomous County, with superior location and traffic conditions. Hainan Provincial Government issued the "Hainan National Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone Development Plan (2020-2025)" and Ledong belongs to the southern tropical coastal leisure and sports tourism area. The Plan proposes that Ledong focuses on the development of Jianfengling, Longmu Bay, Longteng Bay, Longqi Bay and other areas, with the construction of Longteng Bay National Eco-tourism Resort as a breakthrough to encourage the development of diving, marine sports, mountaineering, and adventure sports, and build a diving and rowing training base of Ledong Li Autonomous County.

Ledong Longxi Bay Tourist Resort Hotel Project.png

(The location map of this project)

The project has convenient transportation conditions: it only takes 50 minutes' drive to Sanya City, 25 minutes' drive to Nanshan Buddhist Holy Land, and also 25 minutes' drive to Jianfengling National Forest Park. With the construction and completion of the Hainan West Line High-speed Train Light Rail, it will only take 15 minutes to walk to Jiusuo Station on the West Line. By then, it will only take 10 minutes to reach the Meishan New Site of Phoenix Airport and 30 minutes to Sanya City.

5. Project planning and supporting facilities

(1) Current situation of the land.

At present, the land used for the site of the project is tentatively designated as commercial land, and the construction land of the project is in line with the relevant land use planning of Ledong. With clear land property rights and less volume of demolition, it is convenient for quick start in the near future, and certain scale of land use for the long-term expansion space.

(2) Surroundings and supporting facilities.

Convenient intercity transportation network, multiple transportation modes and a transportation support system for seamless transfers.

(3) Mechanism guarantee.

The People’s Government of Ledong Li Autonomous County has established a working group for this project, with the Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and the Executive Deputy Director of the County Party Committee as the group leader, the Development and Reform Commission of Ledong County, the Finance Bureau of Ledong County, the Water Affairs Bureau of Ledong County and other functional departments as group members, to organize the team carry out preliminary research, preparation planning, and time sequence design, formulate project implementation rules, and promote the implementation of various supporting facilities of the project.

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Investment Promotion Bureau of Ledong Li Autonomous County

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