"Banned-Plastic” Substitution Industry Cluster Project

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Banned-Plastic” Substitution Industry Cluster Project.jpg

Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone “Banned-Plastic” Substitution Industry Cluster Project

1.Positioning and Functions:

In Yunlong Industrial Park, we plan to build the “banned-plastic” substitutes industry cluster area and simplify the approval procedures for the “banned-plastic” substitute production projects, by prioritizing the guarantee of water, electricity, gas and other factors supply, and strengthening the combination of production and usage, increasing investment attraction, linking market rigid demand and industrial development, promoting the development of “banned-plastic” substitute industries in the park cluster, giving full play to the advantages of geopolitics and Hainan Free Trade Port policy, aiming at the global technological frontier, and cultivating new business services for the thoroughly bio-plastic industry in order to creating an internationally renowned gathering area and industrial demonstration base for “banned-plastic” substitutes.

2. Planning Site Selection and Land Use Scale:

The 300-500 mu of “banned-plastic” substitutes industry cluster area is located at the Yunlong Industrial Park in Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

3. Investment Scale and Construction Period

Commencement period: Year 2020

Follow-up construction development period: Year 2021-2025

4. Goals and Targeted Investors

In 2020, the project's industrial function planning will be completed and Two “banned-plastic” substitutes companies will be set up. Partial assembly line will be shut down at the end of the year of 2020.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Engineering Plastics National Engineering Research Center will set up a Hainan branch in Haikou.

In the following years, approximately Ten companies and R&D institutions will form a domestic and foreign well-known “banned-plastic” substitutes gathering area with a production capacity of 300,000 tons of biodegradable plastics and 100,000 tons of biomass fiber products.

Thus, It will not only meet the Hainan “banned-plastic” replacement demand, but also sufficient for exporting.

The targeted investors are: domestic and foreign companies producing and selling biodegradable plastics and biomass fiber products.

5. Analysis of Strengths

(1) Preferential Policies

Maximum personal income tax for talents is 15%;

Encouraged enterprises are subject to 15% corporate income tax;

Imported production equipment of enterprises is exempt from import duties, import value-added tax and consumption tax;

Imported production raw materials are exempt from import duties, import value-added tax and consumption tax;

Enterprises in Tourism industries, Modern Service industries, and High-tech industries are exempted from corporate income tax on newly-increased foreign direct investment income before 2025;

Corporate capital expenditures can be deducted or accelerated depreciation and amortization at a time;

Convenient visa-free entry policy;

Implementation of Negative list management system for foreign talents’ work permit;

Highly free and open policy of goods in and out which greatly facilitates the development of the project’s international logistics functions.

(2) Industrial advantages

The implementation of the "limited plastic usage" policy has brought huge market space for fully biodegradable plastics. Fully biodegradable plastics are biodegradable and part of the raw materials can be recycled.

They are important substitutes for traditional plastics. Under the background of the global "limited plastic usage" wave, the industry will have huge market potential and development space.

The construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port has created a golden opportunity for the promotion of the banned usage on plastics in the province and the development of the entire biodegradable plastic industry in the province.

In addition, the petrochemical industry in Hainan Province is developing rapidly and the industrial chain is constantly being completed. A group of traditional plastic product manufacturers have gathered in the province, which can achieve rapid transformation and development and has a certain basis for the upstream and downstream development of the fully biodegradable plastics industry.

6. Project planning and supporting facilities

(1) Current plot

The site selection situation is shown in the figure. According to the current plan, the available industrial land area in the site selection area is about 300 mu, which can meet the current demand. If there is further land demand for subsequent development, it can be expanded to about 500 mu.

Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone “Banned-Plastic” Cluster Project.jpg

(2) Surrounding construction and city supporting facilities.

Yunlong Industrial Park is a park in the development pattern of "one city and seven parks" in Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

It is located in Yunlong Town, a suburb of Haikou City which is close to Meilan Airport and west to the village border on the west side of Yunlong Town, and east to Haiyu East Line of National Highway To the east, to the south of Yunlong Town, and to the boundary of Delta Golf Course in the north.

The planned total land area is 7109.25 mu, construction land is 6,918 mu, industrial land area is 4059.9 mu, accounting for 58.68% of total construction land; residential land area is 970.65 mu, accounting for 14.03% of the total construction land; 1,296.15 mu of land for municipal facilities and public facilities, accounting for 18.74% of the total construction land; 591.3 acres of green land and other land, accounting for 8.55% of the total construction land.

The infrastructure of the park includes: water supply and sewage treatment plant projects. Currently, a water supply plant has been built with a water supply capacity of 5,000 tons/day and a long-term scale of 25,000 tons/day.

Build a sewage treatment plant with a treatment scale of 10,000 tons/day in the short term and 20,000 tons/day in the long term.

At present, the treatment equipment of 5,000 tons/day has been put into use; the power supply guarantee project has built a 10KV dedicated power supply line outside the park and one station of 10KV opening and closing can meet the power demand of enterprises in the near future. It has completed the migration of the two high-voltage lines of 220KV\110KV in the park.

The Yunlong 110KV substation has completed the equipment installation and is in the process of debugging. Pipes with a diameter of DN250 reach the park to meet the gas demand of the park; and other supporting projects such as communications, the park’s communication pipelines are being implemented simultaneously with road construction.

(3) Mechanism Guarantee

Firstly, the guarantee of the system and mechanism, the continuous deepening of the reform of the park’s system and mechanism, the improvement of work efficiency, and the establishment of a high-quality development platform;

Secondly, the guarantee of service, which implements a target management responsibility system in accordance with the service concept of “do it right now, do it well”, and revolve around approval services, policy implementation, recruitment of talents, and life support services are all implemented as "nanny" services.

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