Honghuaxi Hotel Project in Tunchang County

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Honghuaxi Hotel Project in Tunchang County

1. Project positioning and project functions

To build a high-end, business-leisure center dominated by business, conferences, exhibitions, catering, entertainment, and accommodation.

The main functions refer to plan a fully functional high-end business and leisure center in the county town according to on advantages of location and resource in Tunchang. There will be business offices, conference center, exhibition center, special catering, banquet antiques, accommodation, shopping mall, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, etc.

2. Project site selection and project scale

The construction site of this project is located in the northwest of Tunchang County. The land is located on the northwest side of Changyuan Road. It is adjacent to Huanxi Road and close to Tunchang Interchange.

The main building of the hotel

The total planned land area of the project: 54100㎡;

The planned total construction area: 135000㎡;

Floor area ratio: 2.5;

Building density: 30%;

Building height: 60 meters;

Green area ratio: 30%;

Parking spaces: 1,082.

The will be complete internal facilities, with a large number of multi-function halls and private rooms, which can be used for antique style international meetings, exhibitions, and provide special catering and antiques banquets, accommodation, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, etc.

Achieving the goal of building a five-star hotel integrating business, conference, exhibition, catering, entertainment, leisure and entertainment.

3. Investment scale and construction period

The total investment expenditure of the project is about 200 million US dollars, and the construction period is 3 years (2021-2023).

4. Project advantages

(1) The advantage of Hainan's location. Geographic location

Hainan Island is located in the transition zone between Asia and the Pacific, furthermore, it is located in the middle section from Japan to Singapore. It is an important maritime transportation link between the Pacific and Indian oceans, with unique geographical advantages.

The route from the Strait of Malacca to Japan is one of the transits and hubs of this international route, and its strategic location is extremely important.

At the same time, Hainan is the domestic coastal province closest to Southeast Asia, and it is also the strategic fulcrum of China's "One Belt One Road" initiative.

Policy advantages:

The implementation of international tourist island policies such as shopping tax rebates, visa-free entry for 26 countries, yacht management, etc., the Yangpu Free Trade Port Area and the Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone and regional cooperation, foreign trade and exchanges have achieved fruitful results.

Hainan is becoming an important window for the opening of China to the outside world, and it has taken a big step towards free trade, free investment, free travel, and free shopping.

(2) The adantage of Tunchang geographic location

Tunchang County has a superior traffic location and is known as the "gateway to central Hainan". Relying on the province's field-shaped expressway structure and national and provincial highway system, Tunchang County is only a 45-minute drive from Haikou, and the furthest distance to neighbouring cities and counties is less than 60 kilometres.

Economic location:

Tunchang County is close to the strategic branch point of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, as well as close to Qionghai-Boao where Haichengwen Integrated Development Zone and a platform for international economic cooperation and cultural exchanges are, it is forming a mutually integrated regional development pattern and developing advantages of international functions.

Policy advantages:

Accelerate the implementation of the "two development strategies" which are industry-city integration, and county-wide ecological agriculture;

Center on the layout of twelve key industries, accelerate the construction of special agricultural products intensive processing, Southern medicine research, and traditional Chinese medicine health and wellness tourism "three pillar industries" .

5. Project planning and additional support

(1) Current status of the plot

This project is located in Tuncheng Town, which is located in the middle of Tunchang County, Hainan, 69 kilometres away from Haikou (Haitun Expressway, 85 kilometres from the original Haiyu Middle Route).

The original name is Tunchang Town, which was named after the development of the Tunchang Army in the Ming Dynasty. (Also, the origin of Tunchang County), the name was changed to Tuncheng Town in the early 21st century. It is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Tunchang County.

(2) Urban facilities and natural environment

The Haiyu Middle Line passes through the towns of Tunchang County and assumes the functions of main traffic arterial roads and life arterial roads in the north-south direction. The construction site of this project is located in the northwest of Tuncheng Town, Tunchang County.

The land is located on Changyuan Road, Tunchang County, with simple folk customs, beautiful regional environment and fresh air, which is necessary for leisure, health care, and vacation tourism. On the north side, it is adjacent to Huanxi Road and close to the Tunchang Interchange of the Central Expressway.

(3) Mechanism guarantee

Establish a project construction leading group to lead the project in a unified fund-raising, and set up a preparatory work group, which is responsible for effectively promoting the project construction and coordinating and solving the problems encountered in the project.

Email us at business@tropicalhainan.com or


Tunchang County Investment Promotion Department

Contact number: 0898-67818609

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