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Hainan Key Industrial parks and Investment Guide; Sanya Central Business District

Location and Resources

Sanya Central Business District covers a total area of 442.51 hectares in Sanya's central downtown area, and includes the East Coast, Yuechuan, Phoenix Coast and Hailuo.

East Coast, which includes global boutique shopping, business headquarters, and wetland amusements, is positioned as a large-scale integrated consumer business circle and is the core economic area of the district.

Yuechuan includes an international commercial and cultural pedestrian street and a comprehensive business district. It is home to business headquarters, international financial transactions, and waterfront leisure commercial streets.

Phoenix Coast features a "cruise economy, yacht economy, headquarters economy" as its main platform, as well as an "art coast", and has been built into an area that specializes in cruises, yachts, culture, and art that is compatible with Hainan Free Trade Port.

Hailuo includes "garden headquarters" and an international talent community, and plans to build communities and supporting services that serve the needs of the international talents who are living and working there.

Sanya CBD has complete support facilities, including squares, water features, green spaces, commerce, offices, serviced apartments, cultural entertainment, public services and cruise yachts. Here, enterprises can enjoy the convenience of straightforward investment and operation, the free movement of goods in and out, the convenient flow of funds, highly open transportation, and the convenient communication of information.

Developing Positions

Sanya Central Business District aims to promote all-round opening up across a wider area and create a special economic function zone with international influence and competitiveness, which focuses on the development of supporting services, free trade, culture and arts, comprehensive consumption, design consultation and other industries.

Investment Targets:

Hailuo: business headquarters and international talent community.

Yuechuan: comprehensive business area.

Phoenix Coast: free trade services, cruises and yachts, andcultural consumption.

East Coast: Shopping center and business headquarters.


By the end of 2020, more than 600 enterprises had completed registration in Sanya Central Business District, and hundreds of enterprises are now going through the registration process.

To date, the park's East Coast and Yuechuan units have attracted the settlement of many leading enterprises, such as COFCO group, China Communications Corporation, Minmetals Group, Poly Group, Datang Group, Overseas Chinese Town, China Railway Construction corporation, Chengdu Wanhua, and Shanghai Shenya.


1. Start-up Subsidies

New business headquarters will be subsidized by 1 percent to 3 percent of their registered capital. The maximum is no more than 20 million yuan ($3.05 million).

2. Award for Business Contribution

(1) Basic Contribution Award

New business headquarters will be awarded 70 percent in the first three years and 40 percent in the next two years, according to their contribution to local financial resources in Sanya.

For existing headquarters, 60 percent of their incremental contribution to Sanya's local financial resources will be rewarded within five years.

(2) Reward for Contributions at Higher Levels

During the period in which they can enjoy support policies, if the business headquarters actually contributes a certain amount to Sanya's local financial resources each year, the reward standard will be raised by 3 to 8 percentage points.

(3) Incremental Contribution Award

If the annual growth rate of the contribution of the headquarters to Sanya's local financial resources is not less than 30 percent, the enterprises will be awarded 30 percent of the incremental contribution to Sanya's local financial resources. The maximum is 20 million yuan.

3. Awards for Executives

Senior executives and high-level talents of business's headquarters will be awarded 60 percent of their financial contribution to Sanya in the first three years and 40 percent in the second two years.

Headquarters also enjoy Sanya's relevant talent service policies, including the settlement of high-level talents, medical treatment, children's education, personnel files management, professional titles and social security.

4. Subsidies for Office Rental

If business headquarters rent commercial office buildings, 50 percent of the annual rent will be subsidized in the first three years and 30 percent of the annual rent will be subsidized in the second two years. The maximum amount of the annual subsidy shall not exceed 1.2 million yuan.

5. Subsidies for Purchasing Houses

If headquarter enterprises purchase self-use office space, they will be subsidized to 8 percent of the purchase contract amount. The cumulative subsidy shall not exceed 20 million yuan.

6. Fostering Enterprise Development Awards

For the first time, if the recognized headquarters are rated as a top 500 Chinese private enterprise, a top 500 Chinese enterprise or a top 500 world enterprise, they will be awarded 2-20 million yuan.

Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Talent Development Bureau of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee Supplementary Notice on Improving Housing Policy for Talents

1. Purchase Policy

When headquarters staff move to Hainan, the purchase policy means they enjoy the same treatment as local residents. If their family members have no housing in Hainan and have no record of purchase after May 13, 2018, they can purchase one house in Hainan.

2. Credit Support for House Purchase

Financial institutions are encouraged to give preferential interest rates on commercial personal housing loans for the introduction of talent, and commercial banks are encouraged to provide low-interest loans to housing rental enterprises.

3. Indicators for Applying for Private Cars

High-level talent can apply for private cars according to the principles of classified measures, "one person, one vehicle" and the priority of new energy vehicles.

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