New medical tourism plan for Hainan, China

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New medical tourism plan for Hainan, China

The Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China has a new three-year plan for the province of Hainan.

It has a target of attracting 500,000 medical travellers to the island by 2025.

The 2021-2025 development plan is that Hainan will become an international tourism and consumption destination, with three key sectors:

• Duty-free shopping
• International medical care
• International education

The plan sets the target for its tourist industry to contribute to 17.8% of its total economic growth by 2025. Efforts will be made in the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone to introduce and cultivate a batch of high-end and professional medical institutions to promote the research progress on stem cell, immune cell and gene therapy, plus other new techniques in the biomedical sector.

By 2025, Hainan is expected to attract 500,000 medical tourists.

The medical pilot zone also encourages people from the countries joining the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to come for treatment.

RCEP is a free trade agreement among the Asia-Pacific nations:

• Australia
• Brunei
• Cambodia
• China
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Laos
• Malaysia
• Myanmar
• New Zealand
• Philippines
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Thailand
• Vietnam

The 15 member countries account for 30% of the world’s population (2.2 billion people) and 30% of global GDP, making it the biggest trade block in the world.

This is part of a master plan to build the southernmost province into a globally influential and high-level free trade port by the middle of the century.

Meanwhile, the 5th Hainan International Health Industry Exhibition held this month introduced 3,000 medical and health care brands to Chinese and foreign audiences.

The main task was to encourage investors and companies operating in the field of health to work together, and to interest them in the Hainan Free Trade Port project.

Part of the exhibition was devoted to medical tourism.

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