Hainan travel tips

Hainan travel agent

Travel agents

Always us licensed travel agents and beware of street vendors offering false tourist information and / or tickets. Don't plan too much for one day, especially if you have young children, remember Hainan has a tropical climate. It's also recommended to keep a small, well prepared first aid kit for emergencies

Hainan Swimming at the beach

Swimming at the beach

If you go swimming, pay attention to changes in the weather and tides. Important! Swim only in designated safe swimming areas and stick to the rules. Some beaches have very strong currents and rip tides and people have drowned, keep an eye on young children.  Don't go swimming during thunder storms.

Hiking in Hainan

Hiking in Hainan

It goes without saying, if you go hiking bring plenty of water. OK, that being said, if you're not an experienced hiker don't go hiking or climbing mountains that have not been designated for tourism, there can be sheer drops and loose shale. In the rain forest wear loose fitting clothing to prevent insect bites. Even in Hainan you need to bring waterproof and warm clothes, the weather can and WILL change rapidly.

Shopping in Hainan

When shopping

By and large, Hainan is one of the safest places I've lived, but some simple precautions are just common sense. Just like anywhere else there are pickpockets and most petty crimes are opportunistic. Keep your travel documents and cash in a safe place, use the safe in the hotel if there is one. Don't leave phones on the table in restaurants, and if you hang a jacket over the back of your chair in a coffee shop make sure there is nothing in the pockets.

food safety in Hainan

Food safety

Again it goes without saying, always check the date on any food purchases you make and if you can, try to buy brands you recognize. Don't accept food items or cigarettes from strangers. Food safety has been getting much better in Hainan so by and large you should enjoy local BBQ's and street food, just make sure they are well cooked and hot.

emergency numbers in Hainan

Emergency numbers

For what it's worth, here are the emergency numbers for Hainan, I can't guarantee you'll get anybody that can speak English though.

Police: 110

Fire: 119

Ambulance: 120

Traffic accident: 122

Price complaints: 12358

Tourism complaints: 898 88392211

Banking in Hainan China

Banks & ATM's

Sanya has a wide variety of different banks and most of the tourist attractions and hotels have ATM's but do expect a trans-banking fee. Withdrawals can only be made from machines marked ATM or VISA. Working hours for banks are from Monday to Friday 8:30 - 17:00 and Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 16:00.

Try to avoid banking at lunchtime, they're usually busy and most tellers have gone to lunch.

Some of the Major Banks

Bank of China

No. 35 Fourth Jienfang Road Sanya City

Yingbin Road

898 88676508

Construction Bank of China

No. 012 Jiefeng San Road, Sanya City

898 88272751

Bank of communication Sanya Branch

Chuangye Building, Xinfeng Road, Sanya

898 88260222

Currency in China

Currency in China


Plants & Snakes

Milk Bush Plant Hainan


The Milk Bush (pencil Bush)

The sap of the Pencil Bush is caustic and may cause severe burns or irritation, especially if gotten in the eyes; may be fatal if ingested, (It has been used as a fish poison).

There are some poisonous snakes on the Island so be cautious, especially with young children.