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Why Now is the Ideal Time to Establish Headquarters...

The Hainan Free Trade Port offers a unique opportunity for businesses. Explore tax breaks, streamlined regulations, and support services for both Chinese and foreign companies seeking global expansion ...

Accounting Professional Qualification Exams Open to Foreign Nationals from...

Starting June 1st, foreign nationals legally working and residing in China can take the accounting professional qualification exams ...

Irish Designers Making Waves at the Hainan Expo 2024

Discover the creativity and craftsmanship of Irish fashion designers as they shine at the Hainan Expo 2024. Explore their unique perspectives on luxury, elegance, and heritage, showcased on the global stage.

Spotlight on Irish Ingenuity: Highlights from Irish Businesses at...

Irish businesses are making their mark at the Hainan Expo 2024. From cutting-edge technology to sustainable food solutions, discover how these companies are shaping the future of global trade and innovation.


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