Eight towns as first class yachting destinations along Hainan’s coastline

At a recent round table (a precursor to a Marine Tourism Summit due to be held in Hainan in March 2019), it was announced that local authorities are planning to develop eight towns as first class yachting destinations along Hainan’s coastline. 


The round table attendees were asked to share their expertise to help relevant government departments and marine authorities on how to build and deliver a Marine Tourism Road Map for Hainan and, ultimately, China.

Cameron Bray, Director of Northrop & Johnson Australia and Yacht Manager suggested that the region offers new opportunities for local businesses.

“Hainan has the rare opportunity of a blank canvas to work with,” he said. “There is a lot of synergies between the developing Australian market and the Hainan yachting market. There is opportunity for Australian companies to offer guidance and transfer of skills and information.”

It was reported that Hainan Island expects marine tourism to contribute 10% of annual tourism revenues by 2025. 

Source: marinebusiness.com