Qionghai Yu Jue Fruit Cooperatives

Mr.Wubin (Rain)
Qionghai Yu Jue Fruit Cooperatives
Website: http://www.mykio.net
Mobile: +86 158 2192 1811
Email: holiday.famer@foxmail.com

Our cooperatives are located in Qionghai city in Hainan province. We grow wax apples on 225 mu (15 hectaries). Our two main varieties are Leaf wax apples and Kingbox wax apple. The leaf wax apple can be supplied all year round, under normal circumstances. Listing period of the Lingbox wax apple starts at the beginning of November, untill the end of July.

Our wax apple are sold through on-line sellers and fruit stores to high-end supermarkets and fruit boutiques of first and second tier cities such as Ole, City 's Supershop. A small amount sold to the larger wholesale market."