Haikou: after school training institutions must pass examination and approval audit before opening

Haikou Education Bureau issued a notice on the resumption of schools and classes for the autumn of 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the notice), from September 2nd, an inspection team will be formed for off campus training institutions to check and approve their preparations for opening and resumption of classes.

After the examination and approval, schools can start in an orderly manner.

It is not allowed to start classes without approval.

According to the notice, off campus training institutions should organise training on prevention and control programs and plans before the fall semester.

Emergency drills are a necessary condition for the resumption of classes in Haikou off-campus training institutions.

They are also required to strengthen communication and coordination with health departments, set up emergency teams, and organize emergency drills for all staff.

Off campus training institutions shall not take up national legal holidays, rest days and winter and summer holidays to organise subject training; (only after school from Monday to Friday and before 8:30 pm);

It is strictly prohibited to exceed the standards in advanced training, non-compulsory education institutions are strictly prohibited from engaging in compulsory education, and it is strictly prohibited to provide overseas education courses.

It is strictly forbidden to conduct offline subject (including foreign language) training for preschool children in the name of preschool classes, preschool transition classes, thinking training classes, etc.

Training institutions are not allowed to give homework and no “extra-class teaching” is allowed.

“Teaching in advance” and “strengthening exam-taking” are also not allowed.

Subject training institutions for high school students are the same as above.

In terms of standard fees, off-campus training institutions must sign contracts with parents and implement them in accordance with the contract issued by the Ministry of Education; strictly enforce the one-time tuition fee for a longest period of no more than 3 months; there must be no prepaid card to collect tuition fees, bundling or disguised promotion of tuition loans and other violations.

Those who have;

Submitted applications for the beginning of school,

Conducted nucleic acid tests for teachers,

Implemented epidemic prevention and control measures,

Formulated the “Two Cases” for all personnel health information (health code, itinerary code, etc.) checked and registered,

Prepared epidemic prevention materials,

The school building has passed safety issues such as fire protection hazards, etc.

After review and approval, the district education bureau administrative departments report to the district epidemic prevention and control work headquarters for approval and issue a notice of approval for the start of classes.

Institutions must rectify any issues within a time limit, and classes can only start after the verification is passed.

Any classes that start without permission will be handed over to relevant departments for serious investigation.

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