Hello Kitty-branded amusement park “Hainan Hello Kitty Paradise” for Haitang Bay

China’s State Council held a press conference to inform media last Friday 14th Dec that Hainan Province would be building a Hello Kitty-branded amusement park. The park, to be called “Hainan Hello Kitty Paradise” and expected to attract the “parent-child tourism” niche is expected to cost RMB 11 billion ($1.6 billion), and is one of 12 key pilot projects being built on Hainan Island.

Hello Kitty Theme Park Hainan Island (2)

The park, earmarked for Haitang Bay, in Sanya, is being built by Hong Kong’s Fude Group Holdings, which is headed by Pan Jiade, a leading investor in the mainland.


The first Hello Kitty outdoor park in China opened in 2015 in Huzhou, Zhejiang province and another indoor Hello Kitty park was scheduled to open in Shanghai this October. 

It’s not known yet when the project is scheduled to be completed.