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    Store Manager, Calzedonia Shanghai Co. Ltd (Mandarin speaker)
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    2 weeks ago
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As a Shop Manager, your goal is sales and customer satisfaction. You will be in charge of:


Customer Service Management: Monitoring that Customer Services provided by the section staff fits the company standards (FR, Zoning, alterations, reservations, transfers, telephone...). Collect valuable information from customer to share with Line Commercial andor Product Manager.


Product Management: Making sure that the store has in every moment the right amount of product, the right variety (itemqualitycolor) and the right place (floor and stockroom) on the right time (replenishment, camion, sales) to boost sales efficiently.


Store Image: Ensure that the store image is following the company standards but is adapted as well to the local customers' needs and expectations (visual merchandising, control of installations, staff image monitoring, closing standards...)

Staff Management: Support and coordinate Section managers in organizing store personnel, assigning duties, training, motivation, follow up, Holidays, breaks, rota, and all documents related (for incoming and outgoing staff), conflict solving.

Budget Control: Handle all section resources in an efficient way, reaching the highest sales objectives with the lowest cost (hours, electricity, materials (bags, paper, stationery, hangers, furniture, TGT, Cassio, wastage, robbery, tills, security procedure...).


Fluent in verbal and written English & Chinese is preferred;
优先考虑 - 能流利地进行英语和中文口语、书面沟通;

Ability to manage sales be sensitive to commercial environment;

Excellent team leadership, able to train, develops and motivates team members.

experience in Fashion Retail or Retail

Interest in fashion, tendencies and designers

Company introduction
Calzedonia Italian fashion is a fashion retail company specializing in the leggings, hosiery, beachwear and underwear market. Founded in Italy in 1987, it has in little more than 29 years established a network of more than 4,000 stores in over 42 countries, with stores in many major cities such as Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Barcelona, Japan, Hong Kong and more than 32,000 employees worldwide. The Group’s network will continue to grow further with a full program of new store openings around the world. Calzedonia是一家来自于意大利专业针对打底裤,裤袜,泳装和内衣市场的国际时装零售公司。成立于1987年意大利Verona,它在短短29年的时间里在全球建立了超过4000家零售店,运营在42多个国家(许多大城市如米兰、罗马、巴黎、伦敦、柏林、莫斯科、巴塞罗那、日本店、香港),在世界各地的员工超过32,000人。该集团正在继续进一步扩张,以支持在全球开设新店的扩张计划。 The Shanghai subsidiary, established in 2017, we have an ambitious expansion plan in China. You have an opportunity for a fast career, and we will be looking to develop you quickly into a higher level role. Our value is the internal promotion; we believe if you are potential we can develop -your skills to achieve your long-term goal. Calzedonia于2017年初进驻上海,我们正在飞速拓展。你将有机会获得快速的职业发展。我们鼓励组织内部晋升,我们相信你有足够的潜质提升自己来达到你的长期职业发展目标。

Send your CV to: Calzedonia Shanghai Leyla Zhu