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Primary Homeroom Teacher Hainan Campus

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Job Title:Primary Homeroom Teacher Hainan Campus


Date Posted:

Visa provided:
Accommodation provided:
Resume required:

Job Description

The goal of Haidian Foreign Language Academy is to develop students that have the skills to be successful in both a Chinese and Western school environment. We expect our students to be academically well-rounded, possess critical thinking skills, have personal integrity, be polite and well-mannered, and most importantly, to show care and respect for others. The teacher’s role is to create a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth, to establish rapport with students, to motivate students to develop academic and life skills, and to establish productive relationships with parents and staff members.

Contract period: 12 months


Required Education background and teaching experience:
  • Teacher from USA/UK/CA/IRL/AUS
  • Major in education, literature and Applied Psychology is preferred
  • Holding teaching certificate such as PGCE/QTS/State licenses is preferred
  • At least 2 years of related teaching working experience in school or more than 3 years of working experience in training schools
Teaching Responsibilities:
  • Teaching hour: 7:40 AM to 4:30 PM (Monday – Thursday) and 7:40 AM to 6:00 PM (Friday).
  • Approximately 20 English or English content-area classes per week and sometimes be responsible for watching the students during a testing period or when the Chinese teachers must attend a meeting.
Interview Process:
  • Vice principal online face to face interview about 45 minutes.
  • Demo class/Lesson plan as the second interview


  • 30K/Month for BA degree; 32K/Month for MA degree
  • Round-trip flight tickets reimbursement up to 12,000RMB or 8,000 RMB travel allowance bonus
  • Housing allowance: 4K/Month for Beijing Campus; 2K/Month for Hainan and Wuhan Campus
  • 10 paid absences/year
  • Full refund for the cost of the Chinese work visa
  • Free insurance
  • Free meals for working days
  • Performance Bonus up to 42K/Year
  • Stipend of 300 RMB/Month for the purchase of office supplies
  • An optional, free one-hour Chinese lesson each week
  • Other Benefits
  • Professional development 
  • Others

If you are interested and you think you would make a good fit here in Hainan, please contact us we would like to hear from you!

For immediate consideration, please send the following documents (PDFs preferred) directly to 70610774@qq.com:

Scan of highest degree
Scan(s) of teaching license and/or 120 hour TEFL –Scan of passport photo page
Two professional references (letter(s) and/or reference page)

Leo Xu, Number: +86 13811391478,

Wechat:leoyang990  Assistant Principal of International Program Haidian International Schools

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