Job Description

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    SmartShanghai is seeking a native English Editor to join our team in Shanghai
  • Date Posted:
    2 weeks ago
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  • Salary:
    An above average salary
  • Visa provided:
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SmartShanghai is seeking a native English Editor to join our team in Shanghai. The job involves some website administrative duties, writing and editing editorial content, and maintaining professional ties to the related professional community in Shanghai. The ideal candidate is someone with a professional background in writing and editing and a few years in Shanghai under their belt. You should have a bulging contact book and a head full of ideas.


Someone to wrestle with, tame, nurture and grow the city's best English language venue directory. As Directory Editor, you will be responsible for everything related to the venue directory, including but absolutely not limited to:

researching, creating and updating editor's descriptions for the most popular venues in the city;

keeping on top of the latest opening and closings;

analyzing and responding to user search trends and interests;

planning and executing projects to improve and update parts of the directory that need some tender loving care;

updating big seasonal articles such as the list of Ice-Skating Rinks and our many Essential Guides;

managing the work loads of one or two directory admin support staff;

using your knowledge and directory expertise to generate story ideas for freelancers;

and liaise with the sales team to help monetize the directories, where applicable and appropriate.

Additionally to the more operational side of this job, you'll be spending about 50% of your time writing featured articles and shorter pieces that reference, showcase, and highlight the directory.

It's a big job. It's an important job. The Directory Editor is responsible for the most popular and useful part of SmartShanghai, and it needs someone who is passionate about making it an essential resource for the wider international and bilingual community in Shanghai.

It requires someone who has a positive attitude and is able to get along with the SmSh Team; the role will require cooperation with every department, from IT to Art to Developers and Sales.


You are a native English speaker

You are over-educated in the areas of Journalism, English Lit, Asian Studies, Poli Sci — something like that

You have a mind for systems and get satisfaction from maintaining gleaming monuments of accurate, well-presented information. A touch of OCD is welcome.

You are an expert on the city, have lived in Shanghai for a minimum of three years and know your way around

You are very familiar with at least one facet of the city — the city's best brunch places or greatest art museums or dingiest arcades — and you are excited to get familiar with many more.

You are curious about the other people in this city and want to pigeonhole all of them in neat little categories that are searchable online for other people in this city

You want to join a growing team that is full of ideas for expansion

You can dive deep into a subject and come out with a comprehensive understanding

Your writing needs to be fast, sharp, and often funny

HTML experience is a plus

You can write with personality

You know who we are

You are currently based in China

Finally, you satisfy China’s requirements for a work visa.


You’ll be working in a mixed international team with a creative work environment in a bright, comfortable office in downtown Shanghai. We offer an above average salary, flexible holidays and work hours. Working language within the office is English. We use modern tools such as Slack and Trello for communication.

10 days annual leave on top of public holidays and extra days off around Christmas and NYE. No bridge days if it’s a Sunday

Flexible work hours, early birds can start earlier and leave earlier

A fun work environment. We are a small team of weirdos who enjoy mining the city for interesting content and then telling everyone about it. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do work hard

Downtown office near iAPM with free coffee/beverages/ fruit

Standing desk and agronomical chair

3 days per month work from home

Being part of a product that’s used by tens of thousands of Shanghai residents