Passengers with yellow or red health codes can no longer cross at Xinhai and Xiuying port in Haikou

In order to ensure effective safeguarding against COVID-19, all vehicles, passengers and drivers leaving the island at Haikou Xinhai Port and Xiuying Port need to make online reservations in advance to purchase tickets.

Passengers wishing to leave the island from the above mentioned ports must also wear masks and have a valid Hainan health code and itinerary code to pass through.

Individual passengers and bus passengers whose health codes and itinerary codes are green can enter the port passenger terminal after passing a body temperature check. A one meter spacing whilst waiting in line has also been implemented.

Passengers whose health code is yellow or red cannot cross by boat.

What to do if your health code is yellow

Eldery and children who cannot apply for the health code and itinerary code independently, will need someone to help them apply for the family health code on their behalf.

The port has placed handsanitizer at each entrance and bathrooms for passengers. Drivers and passengers entering the port area must follow the instructions of the port staff.

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