Sanya coastguard encounters 100’s of dolphins off Yalong Bay

Sanya coastguard encounters 100’s of dolphins off Yalong Bay

From April 5th to 6th, the Hainan Sanya Coastguard found two large schools of dolphins in the waters near Sanya during their daily patrol of the area.

It is understood that dozens of dolphins were cruising through the waters near Yalong Bay on the morning of April 5th.

Less than a day later, on April 6th, hundreds of dolphins were encountered near the same area.

According to officers on board, the scene was spectacular.

The coastguard vessel slowed its speed and veered away from the dolphins to avoid disturbing them.

It is reported that throughout 2020, the coastguard have come across dolphins in increasing numbers in the waters around Hainan Island indicating that the biodiversity of the area is becoming richer and the marine ecological environment is improving.

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