All compulsory education schools in Hainan to offer 2 hours full after-school services

The Hainan Provincial Department of Education issued a notice calling for all counties (cities, districts) education administrative departments to formulate specific plans for full after-school services.

Schools should encourage all students in need to participate in after-school services on the basis of voluntary participation by students.

For students with special needs, the school should provide extended custody services. Local schools are also encouraged to actively explore the provision of lunch break and lunch care services, and further expand summer custody services.

Schools and teachers are strictly prohibited from using the after-school service time to teach new lessons and collectively make up lessons.

After-school services are divided into two categories: basic services and special services.

Basic service mainly focuses on tutoring students to complete homework.

Teachers can explain and provide tutoring and answer questions for students with learning difficulties so as to expand the learning space for students who have the ability to learn; special after-school services mainly includes arts, sports, reading, interest groups and club activities.

The basic service of tutoring work as the main content should be undertaken by school teachers.

Special after-school services involving subject interest groups and club activities are generally to be undertaken by the school teachers. If existing teachers cannot meet the requirements, retired teachers can be hired, qualified social professionals or volunteers can also be used.

It is strictly forbidden for training institutions other than non-profit institutions to enter the campus to participate in or organise the implementation of on-campus after-school care services, and it is strictly prohibited for non-profit institutions to hire in-service teachers to participate in after-school care services.

All non-profit off-campus institutions and personnel entering the school shall be reviewed and checked by the education administrative department of the city, county (district), and personnel with bad records are strictly prohibited from participating in after-school services.

The Hainan Provincial Department of Education requires that the education administrative departments of all cities and counties should immediately start to work with relevant departments to establish and improve after-school service funding guarantees, guarantee funding through financial subsidies, service charges or agency fees, and improve subsidies for participating teachers and personnel.

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