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Ancient wells, famous scholars and picturesque views.

Wenshan village is 30 kilometres from Haikou city, located in Xinpo town, Longhua district. The village is 700 years old and famous for its...

A wonderful day out exploring rural Haikou

We would like to extend a warm welcome out to everyone that attended the recent trip out with The Haikou Guide. It was originally planned...

Mei mei Village – stone walls, artillery buildings and lush environment.

Mei mei village is located in Xiu ying district, South West of Haikou City and was built during the Yuan (1297 -1368) and the Ming (1368 – 1644) Dynasties.

4 teachers, 4 students left at tiny Bei Gang Island’s Elementary School

On the island tiny of Bei Gang, Haikou, the once thriving elementary school is home now to only four students and four teachers.

Bei Gang – A small island within an island.

Beigang island is located at the mouth of Dongzhai Port in Puqian bay, in the northeast corner of Hainan island. The island covers an...

Mei She, an 800 year old village in Haikou, sees new economic development

Located in the volcanic area of Shi shan, Mei she village is home to ancestral temples, artillery buildings, ancient wells and stone houses.

A maze of volcanic stone, discover Mei xiao village

Mei xiao village is located in Yongxing town, within the Yangshan volcano area South of Haikou City. It is one of the most famous...

Spectacular views of rice paddy fields in the Haikou countryside

Lying alongside the Nandu River, 20km South of Haikou city centre is an abundance of rich farmland which is tended to by locals from...

Discover Bo Tai village, one of Haikou’s ancient villages with a history dating back 800 years

Botai Village, whose name in Chinese means “abundantly safe”, lies in Xinpo Town within the Longhua District to the South East of Haikou. Dating...

Discover the Haikou countryside by bicycle on Hainan Island

If you are looking to get out of the city and explore the Haikou countryside then this is a great spot to put your...

A unique volcanic culture and ancestral temple in Mei guan village, Haikou

Water shortage has been a consistent issue for generations in the volcanic region of Shishan. People in the area used to put large pot...

72 Lava Caves & Rong Tang Village Haikou

72 Caves & Rong Tang Village, Haikou. Located around 15km to the south west of Haikou city, next to the volcano park lie the 72...
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Jobs in Hainan

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