Hainan releases four major policies to attract talents

On April 15, The Talent Working Committee of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee held its first meeting of 2020 and issued four major talent-attracting policies and related work programs in a bid to attract more domestic and foreign talents to work in Hainan and consequently speed up the structuring of a talent system.

1) The “Implementation Method for Construction of Trial Talent Teams in Hainan Province” was issued to attract more high-end talent teams to Hainan to strengthen and lead the development of key industries.

The aim is to stimulate the construction of talent teams with a preference for supporting innovation and business start-ups, along with service assurance and conditioned financial support.

2) The “Management of the Construction of Think Tanks in Hainan Province” standardizes the management of think tanks within the province, proposes the construction of key think tanks at the provincial level with preferential policies.

3) The “Assurance Method on Optimizing Services for Master-level Talents in Hainan Province” policy aims to upgrade services for academicians and boost Hainan’s attraction to master-level talents. The Method clarifies specific measures in terms of subsidies, housing, transportation, medical assurance, kids’ education and future development.

4) The “Promoting the reform of the “1+N” Mechanism for Talent Evaluation in Hainan Province” policy aims to facilitate the accuracy of evaluating talents through defining the content of the reform in the aspect of evaluation objects, evaluation methods and evaluation criteria. The implementation is expected to improve methods of evaluation of talents.

In the near future Hainan is to expedite the talent’s development plan to fit in with the construction of the Hainan FTP, promote the reform and construction of international talent management systems, as well as ensure the effectiveness of the policies through professional training along with consolidating and supervising the implementation of policies.

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