Invest in Hainan, development direction of the shipping and international transportation industry

Invest in Hainan, development direction of the shipping and international transportation industry

Operating from the Port of Yangpu (Hainan) as the port of registry the Hainan free trade port aims to facilitate the international shipping business by removing restrictions on the proportion of foreign shareholders in ship registered entities, allowing domestically built ships to register at the Port of Yangpu and engage in international transportation and transportation services in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as operate favourable policies such as tax refund.

Favourable policiesNon-free trade zone in the MainlandHainan Free Trade Port
Restrictions on applicantsThe Chinese capital contribution amount
of the company shall not be less than 50%
No restriction
Tax refund for domestic shipDomestically built ships can enjoy tax
refund if registered at Yangpu Port
Port of departure tax refund policy30 days for export tax refundThe port of departure tax refund policy will shorten the processing time to about 3-5 days

Shipping companies in the Hainan free trade port have a great cost advantage in refuelling

Domestic ships that engage in same ship transport for domestic and foreign trade with Yangpu Port as an entrepôt are allowed to refuel with bonded fuel required for the current voyage.

The export tax refund policy shall be implemented for locally produced fuel required at Yangpu Port

“Zero tariff” on import of ships, yachts, and maintenance materials in the Hainan free trade port

Import tariffs, import value-added tax and consumption tax are exempt for vessels and yachts included in the “Zero Tariff” List.

Transportation vehicles and Yachts for use in Hainan along with consumables, including raw and auxiliary Materials, on the list are subject to Zero Tariffs.  

Recommended areas for investment

Air transportation

Ship transportation

Aviation maintenance

Warehouse and logistics

Business jets and yachts

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