Invest in Hainan, development of the International education industry

Invest in Hainan, development of the International education industry

The government is currently stepping up efforts to build Hainan into an international education innovation island.

Since April 13, 2018, Hainan has cooperated with 36 well-known domestic and foreign universities and 51 well-known domestic and foreign schools, focusing on the key areas of Lingshui Li’an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone, Sanya Yazhou bay science and Education City, Jiangdong International Education New District as well as other key education parks.

Attracting well-known universities at home and abroad to Hainan Island

Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences from Germany, runs an independent school in Hainan, China’s first independent education project by an overseas university.

Nankai University, Communication University of China, Central University for nationalities, Beijing Sports University and Southern University of science and technology have carried out Sino foreign cooperations to run schools with well-known foreign universities.

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Ocean University of China, Agricultural University of China and other well-known domestic universities have set up branches in Hainan to carry out graduate student training.

Global high-quality education institutions currently in Hainan

Harrow School in Haikou has started enrolment, and international school projects such as Dulwich College and Wycombe Abbey School are at an advanced stage.

Policy advantages for international education in Hainan

Foreign universities are allowed to independently run schools: Hainan is currently the only region in China that allows foreign high-level science, engineering, agriculture and medicine universities and vocational colleges to independently run schools.

The first & most simplified examination & approval process for running a school in China:

The Ministry of Education and Hainan Province carry out joint examination and approval of Sino-foreign cooperative education at the undergraduate level or above.

Key areas for international education in Hainan

Domestic well known universities have set up branches in Hainan / overseas high-level universities for science, engineering, agriculture and medicine and vocational colleges can run independently / domestic and foreign well-known universities are encouraged to carry out Sino foreign cooperation in running schools and Hainan aims to attract world-famous international schools.

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