Invest in Hainan, the aerospace industry

Hainan’s aerospace industry is considered an important platform for international cooperation.

Development of the aerospace industry in Hainan

Wenchang is the only satellite launch site near the equator and the sea in China.

As the southernmost province in China, Hainan has the unique advantages of low latitude and a coastal location, offering benefits such as less fuel consumption for space launches, better safety against falling debris and more convenient transportation, additionally, Wenchang has a port which can be used for delivery of heavy equipment.  

Co-operation of numerous professional aerospace organizations

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation limited, Hainan branch of China academy of launch vehicle research institute and many other professional institutions from China’s aerospace industry are located in Wenchang

Major national satellite launch missions

On April 20, 2017, China’s first independently developed cargo-carrying spacecraft “Tianzhou-1” was launched using the Long March 7 Yao-2 launch vehicle. On July 23, 2020, the “Tianwen 1” spacecraft used for the first independent Mars exploration mission by China was launched using the Long March 5 Yao-4 carrier rocket. On November 24, 2020, Chang’e-5 probe, China’s first lunar probe for unmanned lunar surface sampling, was launched using the Long March 5 Yao-5 Rocket from Wenchang.

Core advantages of the aerospace industry in Hainan

Wenchang Satellite Launch Centre

Wenchang Satellite Launch Centre is known as China’s newest satellite launch centre, and also the only coastal low-latitude launch site out of five launch centres.

Aerospace supercomputing centre

The Wenchang aerospace supercomputing centre is China’s first aerospace supercomputing project. A performance computing service platform for the aerospace industry is being planned.

Sanya Station, China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station

The station receives data from 30 domestic and international satellites, enabling China’s direct acquisition capabilities of earth observation satellite data to cover the southern coastal regions and surrounding areas for the first time.

Significant areas in Hainan’s aerospace industry

Aerospace high-end equipment manufacturing

Satellite development and application

Aerospace big data

Commercial space launches

Recommended area for investment in the Hainan aerospace industry

Wenchang International Aerospace City

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