Invest in Hainan, the seed technology industry

Invest in Hainan, the seed technology industry

Hainan has made remarkable achievements in Nanfan breeding. Of the 28,500 cultivated crop varieties nationwide, more than 70% have been cultivated in the southern breeding base. Southern hybrid rice accounts for more than 60 percent of the country’s rice planting area, with a cumulative increase of 500 million tons.

What’s the development direction for Hainan’s seed technology industry?

Due to excellent natural conditions for seed breeding and scientific research Hainan has outstanding advantages in sunshine, temperature and water resources.

Thanks to its warm climate in winter and spring, the breeding cycle for new crop varieties is shortened by 30% to 50%.

Hainan Nanfan Scientific Research and Breeding Reserve covers an area of about 268,000 mu (one mu is equivalent to 666 square meters), and has become a well-known “incubator” and “accelerator” for breeding new varieties in China’s seed industry.

Hainan as an introduction and transfer base for global animal and plant germplasm resources.

The goal is to develop Hainan as a safe, efficient and convenient service system for global animal and plant germplasm resources, facilitate an efficient introduction of global germplasm, establish a channel for the safe introduction of germplasm and build a central service platform for germplasm resources.

Hainan is a natural treasure trove and resource base with one the richest bio-diversities in China, and offers a full array of germplasm resources and breeding materials.

What are Hainan’s world-leading scientific research resources in the field of seed technology?

Hainan has brought together over 7,000 scientific researchers from over 700 institutions in 29 provinces nationwide, and attracted academicians and scientists including Yuan Longping and Wu Mingzhu.

Leading seed industry giants now have presence in Hainan. Basic research on crop seeds, variety breeding, seed identification, production and promotion, are carried out in Hainan providing an ideal scientific research foundation for the seed industry.

What are Hainan’s policy advantages for the seed industry?

Preferred location for seed-related intellectual property rights

Hainan has improved processes for the certification of new varieties, established an intellectual property court, set up a special zone for intellectual property rights in the seed industry and provided a sound scientific and technological innovation climate for the seed sector.

Hainan has opened up to the global seed industry and decentralised the authority to review and approve germplasm imports.

Upon examination and approval by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the authority to issue a seed production and operation license for those engaged in the seed import and export business in the Hainan Free Trade Port shall be issued by the agricultural and rural administrative departments of Hainan Province.

Areas for development of the seed industry in Hainan

Nanfan scientific research and service

Technological innovation of the seed industry

Germplasm resource certification and storage

Seed trade and transactions

Intellectual property trading

Recommended areas for investment

Nanfan Technology City

An ma yang in Lingshui

Bao kong yang in Ledong

Introduction and transit base for global plant and animal germplasm resources

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