JD Worldwide Pavilion of Imported Products Opens in Hainan

In cooperation with Boulevard Du Luxe, a subsidiary of Lagardère, and Mangrove Resort World, JD Worldwide Pavilion of Imported Products (JDPIP) opened on November 19 in Sanya, Hainan.

Boulevard Du Luxe is a subsidiary of Lagardère

The pavilion, which combines products from both general trade and cross-border e-commerce, brings quality imported goods to consumers at a discounted price.

The JDPIP display area.

The JDPIP is divided into a display area and a prestige discount area.

The display area showcases JD’s own cross-border goods, which can be ordered online by scanning the QR code; the prestige discount area features discounted luxury goods offered by Boulevard Du Luxe.

Mangrove Resort World
Mangrove Resort World Sanya

The project also includes the experience of shopping from your hotel room. Each guest room in Mangrove Resort World contains a list of popular products imported by JD Worldwide, where guests can shop online or offline.

For example, at the “chic lady” themed Queen Palm Mangrove Resort World in Sanya, the JDPIP introduces toiletries by “Laundry House” for guests to try out.

By lowering the purchase threshold for duty-free goods, the JDPIP aims to attract both tourists and locals.

Hainan Mini Program advertisement poster

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