Jiangdong to introduce high-quality schools to the new area

The Administration Bureau of Jiangdong announced plans for 3 kindergartens and 4 primary and middle schools in the New Area.

The goal is to improve education services in the JDNA, there will be placements for 990 pre-school students, 6,480 primary school students and 900 junior high school students.

Construction of four new schools will start this year

Yeqingyuan resettlement community supporting school will be built on the northeast side of the Wenming Tunnel and Qiongshan Avenue intersection.

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It will cover an area of about 84 acres and have a total of 54 classes, including 36 classes for elementary school,18 classes for junior high school and 15 for kindergarten.

Chunhuiyuan community supporting school will be located on the south side of the east extension line of the Wenming East Tunnel. It will cover an area of about 45 acres, have 36 classes for primary school and 9 kindergarten classes.

Lanxiangyuan resettlement community supporting school will be located on the east side of Qiongshan Avenue, covering an area of about 48 acres, it will have 36 classes for primary school and 9 for kindergarten.

The Hefeng Jiayuan Primary School on Meiling South 3rd road will cover an area of about 42 acres and have 36 primary school classes.

As a part of the plan for Jiangdong New Area to introduce and construct high-quality education resources, the schools will operate at international standards and provide high-level primary, secondary and kindergarten education.

According to the planned distribution of the residential population, the education resources should be evenly allocated.

The distance to the kindergartens by foot is within 5 minutes, primary schools within 10 minutes, and to middle and high schools around 15 minutes by foot.

In the future, there will be 68 compulsory education schools in the Jiangdong New Area.

With the opening of the Haikou Harrow School and Jiangdong Maple Leaf International School, the establishment of Haikou Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University and Haikou Jiangdong Huandao Experimental School, the international education situation in the Jiangdong New Area is fast becoming the best on the island.

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