Maple Leaf International Schools – Haikou, Hainan

MLIS-Hainan(Maple Leaf International Schools – Hainan)is part of Maple Leaf Educational Systems and is a certified BC Offshore School, which means they teach the BC Curriculum as outlined by the British Columbia, Canada Ministry of Education.

They are inspected annually by BC Ministry of Education Inspectors, and the results of these inspections are posted publicly on the Ministry of Education website.

"Our school operates on a semester basis: there are two semesters per academic year, as well as a one-month intensive Summer semester for those new to our system or who take part in our Pre-10 program in their Grade 9 year of the Chinese system. The purpose of the Summer semester is to build students’ English language skills so that they are ready for full-time English study in the Autumn semester.

Several components make up our BC High School: Full BC, Bridging, Foundations, and Pre-10. Full BC is for students whose English is at a level that will allow them to study courses just as students in British Columbia do; these courses are designed for BC students, though we tailor our program through the Maple Leaf Global Curriculum to suit our students and setting".

In order to qualify for the BC Dogwood Diploma students must earn at least 80 academic credits; a 4-credit course is based on 100 academic hours.

陈甲睿Jiarui Chen 招生顾问/Admission adviser

海南枫叶国际学校 Maple Leaf International Schools-Hainan

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