Sanya Phoenix Airport Industry Park

Sanya’s new airport and the airport economic zone will be developed in phases with a planned area of 33.43 square kilometers, including a 24-sq-km seaport operation area, a 4.18-sq-km international tourism business district and a 5.25-sq-km area for the airport’s supporting industries.

Port facilities, a home port for cruise liners, logistics warehousing, high-technology research and development, bonded duty-free zone, international trade and financial services are expected to be launched at the park.

The seaport operations area will be home to industries involving aviation, an international trade port and cruise home port and will invite enterprises engaged in airport operation, aircraft maintenance, aviation logistics, aviation food, fueling, airport facilities, international shipping to settle in it.

The international tourism business district will allocate clusters involving financial and commercial services, international tourism businesses, international headquarters and sci-tech innovation and maritime Silk Road cultural exchange and cooperation.

The airport supporting industrial zone will hold a comprehensive bonded zone, aviation logistics park, airline base, transportation hub and public service providers, covering the industries of office building, commerce, production, to logistics, processing, and other supporting service for daily life.