Colleges and universities in Hainan issued notice for start of school

Students who had lived in a medium to high risk epidemic area within the last 14 days must complete a nucleic acid test before entering Hainan. 

Some colleges and universities have stated that after the beginning of school the campus will implement “closed” management.

Hainan University

August 14th, the Student Affairs Office of Hainan University issued a notice on the return of undergraduates for the autumn semester of 2021, requiring undergraduates from medium and high-risk areas to postpone their return to school.

According to the notice, undergraduate students from Hainan University will register on August 29th and attend classes on August 30th

Undergraduates from middle and high risk areas and undergraduates who are confirmed cases, asymptomatic, suspected cases, close contacts and sub close contacts shall postpone their to return to school. 

Undergraduates with symptoms of fever, cough, diarrhoea, loss of sense of smell (taste) and/or rash shall not return to school for the time being.

They can report to the relevant functional departments of the University for approval after they are cleared and risk of infection has been eliminated.

In addition, undergraduates who return to Hainan and have a history of living in an epidemic area within the last 14 days should complete the nucleic acid test no more than 48 hours before entering Hainan.

Hainan Tropical Ocean College

Registration time for Hainan Tropical Ocean University is from August 28th to August 29th.   

Registration time for fourth-year undergraduate students:

September 8-9, 2021 (Wednesday, Thursday). 

Registration time for junior college students:

September 10, 2021 (Friday). 

If affected by a change of epidemic risk, the registration time for freshmen may change.

Students from low-risk areas will return to school normally, while students from medium and high-risk areas shall postponed their return to school.

After their area is reduced to a low-risk area, they can apply for return to school with the health code “green code”, green travel code and the negative result of nucleic acid test within 48 hours (calculated from the test results).

After the students return to school, the campus will implement “closed” management and the entrance and exit of students need to be approved and specific requirements will be notified separately.

Hainan Tropical Ocean College has also made arrangements for the staff to return to school on August 27th.

Haikou College of Economics

Haikou College of Economics has arranged for students to return to school in stages. 

Students from medium and high-risk areas are suspended from returning to school and a “one person, one file” management system is to be carried out for these students.

Hainan College of Economics and Business

Hainan College of Economics and Business will start school according to their original plan with students from low-risk areas returning to school normally, while students from medium and high-risk areas shall postponed their return to school.

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