Monday, June 27, 2022
Jobs in Hainan China

Holidays and festivals

Countdown to Dragonboat Festival, 4 days to go!

Dragonboat Festival dates back to the Warring States Period and is marked to remember Qu Yuan, one of China’s greatest ancient poets

Parks and beaches

Jiangdong New Area, ecological restoration project plans for Nandu River Park

Haikou Jiandong New District is planning to build an ecological restoration project on the eastern bank of the Nandu River estuary in Haikou city.

Lingao point liberation park.

The Lingao Point Liberation park is an important reminder of one of the most important battles in military history on Hainan Island.

Ju ren waterfall in Lingao

The Ju ren waterfall in Lingao is located around 2 kilometers northwest of Juren village.

Discover Hainan Episode 2 – Haikou Volcano Park

In this episode of Discover Hainan, Patrick and Jake, go to the volcano park to climb the highest...

Towns and villages

Video Series


Unlocking Central Hainan

Unlocking Central Hainan – Baoting by bus

Part of our unlocking central Hainan guide. This week we stop at Baoting, which is close by Sanya. Find out more to do in Baoting.