Foreign Work Permits & Lychee Festival

Haikou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs Grants First Batch of Working Permit for Foreign Experts

Since April, the Haikou Foreign Affairs Office and the Haikou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs has been working diligently, implementing the new policy for foreigners to work in China. On April 21st, the Haikou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs granted the first working permit from Haikou to a Canadian pharmaceutical scientist. This event marked the new phase of the administration for Foreign Workers started. On April 25th, the Haikou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs held a ceremony for the foreign experts who just received their permit papers. Relative personnel of Haikou’s foreign affairs attended the ceremony. Since the new policies for the working permit for foreign experts have promulgated, there have been more than 30 applications from the society. The first batches of applications were from Canada, America, Australia, Malaysia, UK and others. They are mainly associated with pharmaceutical development, engineering consulting, hotel management, golf teaching and English training. Amongst them, foreign teachers take half of the proportion. The policy separates foreigners who work in China into foreign experts and normal migrant workers. They receive different working permits respectively. However, the new policy allows foreigners to get just one permit that contains the previous functions and will save them a lot of time applying for the documents. Officials from the Haikou Foreign Affairs Office and Haikou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs wish to attract more international talents to work in Haikou by implementing this simplified working permit application process, to turn Haikou into an international coastal city.

Haikou Foreign Affairs Office Organizes Foreigners to Experience Lychee Culture Festival

Haikou’s 7th Lychee Culture Festival was held in San Men Po Town on 2017 May 20th-21st. The collaboration of the local government, Haikou Foreign Affairs Office, Haikou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, Qiongsan District Foreign Affairs Office assembled foreigners from Haikou to participate this festival

   Lychee Festival Foreign Participant

More than 30 foreigners from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Philippine, Pakistan, Mongolia, Japan, Kenya, Nepal and others joined the activity. Participants joined in many different activities, including: the opening ceremony, balloon parade, fruit picking, special lychee cuisine tasting, music salon, farm products market tours and many other activities.

Lychee Festival

The foreign participants expressed their satisfaction and intent to promote Haikou. The Haikou Foreign Affairs Office wishes to raise the popularity of the Lychee Culture Festival through this festival, subsequently promoting Haikou’s tourism/products and strengthening the impression of Haikou from foreigners.