Fourth list of recommended key cultural relics & protection areas in Haikou City announced

August 23rd, the recommended list for the fourth batch of key cultural relics & protection areas in Haikou City (25 in total), was submitted to the municipal government for approval. 

Ancient sites (1 place)

Name Address
Shantou Village Wharf Site Shantou Village, Jiuzhou Village Committee, Jiuzhou Town, Qiongshan District

Ancient tombs (7 places)

Tomb of Zhang Yingzuo Changmo Cemetery, Taogong Mountain, 3 km southwest of Yunlong Town, Qiongshan District
Lin Siam Tomb East side of Baishiling, Jiuzhou Town, Qiongshan District
Chen Huidou Tomb and Memorial Hall Xixiu Town, Xiuying District, northwest of Good Folk Village
Lin’s ancient tombsSouthwest of the village of Fengxiang Street, Qiongshan District
Tomb of ZhongfangNext to Zhongzhaipo Village, Dongshan Town, Xiuying District
Obvious tombJinjiling, former village of Rongtang Village, Shishan Town, Xiuying District
Tomb of Li ShanNext to No. 8 Xuexue Education, Chengxi Town, Longhua District

Ancient buildings (14 places)

Wu Taishi Gongqiao200 meters north of the dollar village of Qiongshan District
Maibao ShuangjingAbout 300 meters southeast of Shicha Village, Maanling, Shishan Town, Xiuying District
God Wangzu TempleChangfeng Village, Changfeng Town, Xiuying District, Daojia Village
Health wellWest of Buchuang Village, Zuntan Town, Longhua District
Zhang Yuesong Qi Meng SchoolTuliang Village, Qunxing Village Committee, Jiazi Town, Qiongshan District
Guocang Village Stone BridgeThe south of the village of Longtang Sanlian Village Committee in Qiongshan District
Poshang Village Guan Gong TempleSlope Village, Xinqiong Village Committee, Lingshan Town, Meilan District
Four-eyed well in Confucian villageRuiben Village, Yongxing Town, Xiuying District
Zhang’s Ancestral Hall in Jiale Lake VillageJialehu Village, Lelai Village Committee, Sanmenpo Town, Qiongshan District
Changxue Village Xiaojie ArchwayNorth of Changxue Village, Tingfeng Village Committee, Longqiao Town, Longhua District
Baishamen Shangcun Tianhou PalaceNo. 132, Baishameng Village, Haidian Island, Meilan District
Yu’an Village Watchtower (Taiwan)Northeast of Yu’an Village, Shishan Town, Xiuying District
Rongshan Village Ladies TempleWest side of Rongshan Village, Xixiu Town, Xiuying District
Xizhou AcademyShangdan Community, Guoxing Sub-district Office, Qiongshan District

Stone carving (1 place)

Stone room fairy trail stone carvingNorthwest of Maixiang Village, Fengxiang Street Office, Qiongshan District

Important historical sites and representative historical buildings in modern times (2 places)

Name Address
Changming Village Artillery BuildingChangming Village, Changchun Township, Changying Town, Xiuying District
Former site of Hainan HospitalLonghua District Longhua and Changdi Road intersection

Address: Haikou City Cultural Relics Bureau, No. 2, Liufang Road, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

Telephone, fax: 0898-65305577

Source: Haikou Tourism and Culture Radio, Sports and Sports Bureau Document No.: Time: 2019/8/23

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