Haikou announces fees for after-school services, 3 Yuan per student per class hour

On October 14, the Haikou Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau jointly issued a “Notice on Further Regulating Matters Concerning After-School Services for Primary and Secondary School Students” to further standardise the compulsory education for primary and secondary school students.

Haikou will set up a fund guarantee mechanism.

After school service funds for primary and secondary school students shall adopt a cost sharing mechanism of “government subsidies plus parents share”, and guarantee the funds by means of financial subsidies, service charges or other means.

According to a standard of no less than 150,000 Yuan per year, per school (Campus) for public schools, the municipal finance department shall arrange after-school service management funds, and encourage district governments to strengthen the guarantee of after-school service funds.

The “notice” clearly defines the charging standards for after-school services.

After class service charge for primary and secondary school students is subject to government pricing management, and the charging standard is: after class service fee is 3 Yuan / class hour.

If the school introduces non discipline training institutions to participate in after-school services, the fee should not exceed 5 Yuan / class hour per student.

The after-school service charge is based on a semester and cannot be charged across semesters.

Private boarding schools cannot charge after-school service fees. If a non-boarding private school provides after-school services, the school’s after-school service work plan must be reported to the competent education department for review, and the after-school service fee can be collected after the municipal department has filed it.

The after-school service adheres to the principle of voluntary participation by students.

Parents sign an after-school service agreement with the school and pay the fee.

Students who do not participate in after-school service after paying the fee will be refunded monthly.

If students do not participate in after-school service for a continuous period of one month, the after-school service fee will be refunded monthly; for those who do not participate for half a month in a row, the after-school service fee will be refunded for half a month; If you do not attend for less than half a month, the after-school service fee will not be refunded.

If students need to bring their own learning tools to participate in after-school services, the school must inform the parents of the students to purchase them in advance, and the school and the teacher shall not specify the purchase price.

It is strictly forbidden to charge high fees in the name of after-school service.

It is strictly forbidden to increase charged items and expand expenditure channels without authorisation.

It is strictly forbidden to force students to participate in after-school services or charge additional fees in any way.

The notice requires that after-school service fees shall be collected by the school uniformly, and a fee publicity system shall be implemented.

The school shall publicise all charged items, charging standards, complaint calls and other information on a bulletin board.

At the end of each semester, the income and expenditure of after-school service fees will be publicised and supervised by parents and society.

The price, education and finance departments at all levels should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the announcement of charges.

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