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Hainan launches COVID vaccine booster for key populations

Hainan launches COVID vaccine booster for people aged 18 years of age and older who have been completely vaccinated for more than 6 months.

The Hainan Provincial Health Commission announced that Hainan Province will start the immunisation of key populations with COVID booster vaccines from October 4th.

Different vaccination arrangements will be implemented for different types of key populations. 

The Provincial Health Commission also answers questions related to booster shots that citizens have been most concerned about.

1. What is a vaccine booster shot?

Booster shots are also called booster immunisations. Booster shots refer to the number of doses of vaccines that are used to maintain the body’s immunity to the virus.  Over time the immunity that you received and achieved as a result of being vaccinated starts to wane, it starts to deteriorate or go down. According to the degree of decline in the human antibody level, another shot is given, which is called a booster shot.

2. Why do you need to get a vaccine booster shot?

According to research by Sinopharm Zhongsheng and Beijing Kexing, after the booster injection antibody level of the recipients will be greatly increased. 14 days after the booster immunisation, the antibody level is equivalent to 10-30 times the original level and after 6 months it can still be maintained at a high level, additionally it has a good cross-neutralisation effect on mutants such as Delta.

3. Is the vaccine booster shot safe?

Relevant research results show that there are no serious adverse reactions in booster immunisation and neutralising antibodies will increase rapidly.

4. Which groups have priority for booster vaccination?

According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, booster immunisation is being implemented for people over 18 years of age who received 2 doses of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine more than 6 months ago. 

Priority will be given to strengthening immunisation among people at high risk of coronary pneumonia infection and those in key positions to guarantee the basic operations of society.

People at high risk of infection include those with a higher risk of occupational exposure such as front-line customs inspection and quarantine personnel at ports involved in importing cold chain goods, port handling and transportation related personnel, international and domestic transportation personnel who face a high risk of imported virus, at-risk border port workers, medical and health personnel, etc., as well as people at risk of infection from abroad, such as those who go abroad for work, study or private purposes.

5. How to choose a vaccine for booster immunisation?

It is recommended to use the same original vaccine for booster immunisation. In principle, a dose of the same original inactivated vaccine should be used to strengthen immunisation for people who have completed two doses of the same inactivated vaccine

For people who used different inactivated vaccines to complete their two vaccination doses, in principle, should give priority to the second dose.  If the second dose of the same vaccine is not in supply, the same vaccine as the first dose of inactivated vaccine can be used for one dose of booster immunisation. 

People who have been vaccinated with the adenovirus vector vaccine should use the original vaccine for booster immunization.

6. How to arrange a vaccine booster shot?

According to reports, Hainan Province implements different vaccination arrangements for different types of key populations.

For people with high occupational risk, the local government units or industry are the main bodies to organise collective vaccination. They will give priority to vaccinating people at high risk of COVID infection and key positions that guarantee the basic operation of society.

For other groups, designated outpatient vaccination. 

All cities and counties shall designate vaccination clinics. 

People with relatively low immune function, people aged 60 and above, or those who go to high-risk areas or countries for work or study as well as people who have completed 2 doses of vaccination for more than 6 months and volunteer for the third vaccination can go to the vaccination clinic designated by jurisdiction for booster shots. 

The designated outpatient service shall be announced separately by each city and county and people can also call the municipal and county work headquarters for consultation.

7. What matters should be paid attention to when getting a vaccine booster shot?

When the booster shot is given, it is necessary to remain in the clinic for 30 minutes for observation. Contraindications should be strictly avoided, (a reason for a person to not receive a particular treatment or procedure because it may be harmful). In case of allergic reaction, whether from the first or second injection, the booster shoot will not be given.

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