Life along Bo’ai road – The street that has everything

From aquarium supplies to dried medicines and dragon dancing uniforms to art supplies, Bo’ai road has it all. If there’s ever a time you can’t find a particular part, tool or paint brush then the chances of Bo’ai road having it are very high.

Bo’ai road is located in one of the oldest parts of Haikou City and nearby East lake. The road stretches just over a kilometre from north to south and is 9 meters wide, it has a history of over 600 years and is the longest north-south road in Old Town. If you want to see old Haikou and where the locals like to go then visit Bo’ai road.

Address: 海口龙华区博爱北路

Two ladies rolling paederia vine also know as “The chicken shit vine” as it has a similar smell to chicken poop. The common vine is used in Chinese medicine and soups.
Haikou Old Town East lake street (14)
The Asian Arowana fish is one of the most expensive aquarium fishes. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity.
Haikou Old Town East lake street (19)
Two ladies making dumplings along Bo’ai road.
Fake flower market along Bo’ai road
Haikou Old Town East lake street (12)
Local man sketches portraits using pencil and charcoal
Many of the buildings still have their original features intact and the street is bustling with E-bikes – watch out!
Many of the sellers along the street sell dried foods.
A shop selling traditional festival and temple wares.
Lady from a dried fish goods store burns paper money (Joss paper) outside her store. Many Chinese believe that burning money will transfer the funds to their deceased relatives.
As the Chinese Spring Festival approaches many of the shops will start stocking up on seasonal decorations such as lanterns, red banners and red envelopes. During Christmas time many of the stores will also stock up on santa costumes, lights and tree decorations.
A man writes on Chunlian (Spring couplets). Its content is mostly about the beauty of nature, patriotism of China and their earnestness of a splendid future
Haikou Old Town East lake street (25)
Traditional style house with Chunlian hanging on the doorway.
Haikou Old Town East lake street (20)
A mural painted on the side of a building. Situated across from the entrance to the east gate market.
A local lady grinds dried medicines into a powder
Handmade noodles
Festival supplies
Man selling fruit from the back of his electric scooter
Scholarships at Hainan University

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