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Hainan to issue RMB bonds in Hong Kong

Proceeds from the bonds will be channelled into critical sectors such as healthcare, education, environmental monitoring and restoration, biodiversity protection, and marine conservation

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Merck subsidiary in Bo’ao Lecheng Hainan, 1st multinational pharma subsidiary unlocking growth in China's healthcare sector

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Cycling in Hainan – Routes, rentals and where to stay

If you are coming to Hainan for a cycling holiday then the 517 hostels are where you might want to stay.

No frills low budget hostels for the avid cyclist.

The hostels are conveniently placed at major towns around the island loop.

At present, there are 11 stations in Hainan, there are hostels in: Haikou, Wenchang, Bo’ao, Xinglong, Shenzhou, Haitang Bay, Sanya, Yinggehai, Dongfang, Danzhou and Wuzhishan.

The stores not only provide a bed for the night but also bicycle rental, rescue, repair and travel information.

Whether you are planning on doing the island loop by bicycle, a city to city ride or a day trip around the countryside, it is possible to rent a bicycle from any 517 and return it at a different store.

To jump straight into route information click HERE

The Birth of 517 Hainan

January 2013, Hou Shuyuan, 27, went for a cycling trip in Hainan province to celebrate being enrolled as a postgraduate student in advertising at Chongqing Technology and Business University.

During the trip, she met her future husband, Chen Qicheng, 31, from Wanning, Hainan province, and also spotted a business opportunity.

Hou decided to remain in Hainan, “For love”, she said with a smile. I decided to settle down here because of my boyfriend.

The two started work on their business venture. With limited startup capital, they rented a rundown villa in an outlying part of Haikou, the capital of Hainan province.

The renovation work cost more than 100,000 yuan ($16,350). Part of the money came from their savings, while the rest was borrowed from friends.

After the decorating was completed, the couple bought 30 mountain bikes and opened their cycle rental and accommodations business in February 2013.



Haikou 517 hostel is located on Xinbu Island. The hostel has bunks, single rooms and king-sized bedrooms, a large courtyard and many other entertainment facilities.

Haikou city in top ten cities in China

Also provides mountain bikes, road sports bike and electric moped rental service.

Price list for Haikou Hostel:

Bunk beds: 45yuan/person/night
Single room both twin and king size bed: 109-149yuan/room/night
Telephone: 0898-66217315
Mobile and Wechat: 18889782517
(For group) Mobile and Wechat: 18976671517
Address: Xiyuan villa, Xinbu Island, Haikou city. 海口市新埠岛西苑别墅。

For more to do in Haikou click HERE


Wenchang 517 station Hostel is located next to Diamond Avenue in Longlou town of Wenchang.
The hostel is 1km away from downtown, and 1km away to the beach by foot. The beach is one of the longest in Hainan and it’s the perfect place to catch a sunrise.

Ancient Pagoda in Wenchang

Price list for Wenchang Hostel:

Bunk beds: 40-45 yuan/person/night
Twin beds room: 128-168 yuan/room/night
Three beds room: 158-178 yuan/room/night (Two 1.5m beds and one 1.8m bed)
Reservation number and Wechat: 17798496517
Address: No.21 Diamond avenue, Longlou Town, Wenchang City. 文昌市龙楼镇砖石大道21号。


Boao 517 station Hostel is located under an old big banyan tree in the Hanbayuanyi Village in Boao town.

It’s 8km away from the Tanmen Town, and 500 meters to the beach by foot. The beach is also one of the most famous areas in Hainan for kite surfing.

Price list for Boao Hostel:

Bunk beds: 40-45yuan/person/nightSingle room with private bathroom: 128-148 yuan/room/night
Single room with public bathroom: 108-128yuan/room/night
Three beds room with public bathroom:148-168/room/night
Booking mobile and Wechat: 17784608517 , 17784638517
Address: Hanbayuanyi Village, Binhai Avenue, Boao Town, Qionghai City. 琼海市博鳌镇滨海大道含拔园一村。

Shenzhou Penisula

Shenzhou 517 station Hostel is located in a fishing village in the Shenzhou Peninsula tourist area of Wanning.
Its 1km away from the hostel to the beach. At the hostel there is karaoke, outdoor movies, a book bar, chess, fresh drinks bar and more.

Price list for Shenzhou Peninsula Hostel:

Bunk beds: 35-45yuan/person/night
Single room with big bed: 99-168yuan/room/night
Twin bed room: 99-168yuan/room/night
Booking number and Wechat: 18689706748, 18117772171
Address: (Near the Ferris wheel) No.1 Baoli, Shenzhou peninsula, Wanning city. 万宁市神州半岛度假区保利一号大转盘附近。


Xinglong 517 station hostel is situated close by the Xinglong tropical rainforest gardens. Xinglong also produces its very own unique tasting coffee. Entertainment facilities such as pool table, karaoke and an outdoor movie thearter.


Price list for Shenzhou Peninsula Hostel:

Bunk beds: 45yuan/person/night
Single room with big bed: 108yuan/room/night
Twin beds: 118yuan/room/night
Three beds: 148yuan/room/night
Booking contact: 17776880734 Xinxin
Address: East side of road 202, G223 National Road Laiyin Peninsula, sunriver tourist area, Huaqiao Farm, Xinglong, Wanning city. 万宁市兴隆华侨农场太阳河旅游度假区莱茵半岛G223国道202处东侧。

Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay 517 station hostel is located in a small village named Houhai fishing village, also known as Tenghai Village. It’s next to the Wuzhizhou island quay.

surfing in Hainan ri yue wan sun moon bay

What was once a quiet fishing village, is now shaping up to be one of the most popular spots for surfing in Hainan.

Price list for Haitang bay Hostel:

Bunk bed: 39-45yuan/person/night
Single room: 119-189yuan/room/night
Booking number and Wechat:
Woniu 18664605636
Tuanzi 13379957517
Address: Wuzhizhou Quay (Houhai) Village, Haitang Bay, Sanya.


Sanya 517 station is located in the Yulin harbour which is close to the bus terminal near Dadonghai. It’s 30 minute car ride to the farm market, seafood wharf and night market.

Million people seafood square

Price list for Sanya Hostel:

Single room with private bathroom: 110-130yuan/room/night
Three beds room with private bathroom: 150-170yuan/room/night
Booking contact: Dongdong 17784639517
Address: No.416 Yuya road, Jiyang district, Sanya (Walk in to the gate of the academy and turn left) 三亚市榆亚路三亚进修学院内


Yinggehai 517 station hospital is located under the Yinggehai light tower, and it’s around 100km away from Sanya city.

The beach is around 200 meters from the hostel. Being on the west coast of the island, it’s one of the only spots where you’ll catch a sunset setting on the ocean horizon.

There are also some seafood restaurants nearby.

Price list for Yinggehai Hostel:

Bunk bed: 39-45 yuan/person/night
Single room: 88-108 yuan/room/night
Two beds room: 108-128 yuan/room/night
Three beds room: 138-168 yuan/room/night
Suites (two bedrooms one living room): 238-298 yuan/night
Mobile and Wechat: Xiaocai 18976159703, Dacai 18089786591
Address: Under the Yinggehai light tower(517 Yinggehai), Haijun Street, Yinggehai Town, Ledong county 乐东县莺歌海镇海军街灯塔脚下


Dongfang 517 station hostel is located in an alley of Qiongxi road in the downtown area of Dongfang, it’s quiet and near by a local food street.
There is top floor balcony for watching the sunset. It also provides free WIFI, free parking lot, wake-up call and taxi ordering services.

San yue San festival Dongfang Hainan

Price list for Dongfang Hostel:

Bunk bed: 35-39 yuan/person/night
Twin beds room: 90-108 yuan/room/night
Booking number and Wechat: 18208983716
Address: No.27 ,Alley 59, Qiongxi Road, Dongfang City.东方市琼西路59巷27号。


The hostel is located in the downtown area of Danzhou. Close by attractions include Dongpo Academy, Lanyang Hot Springs and some natural scenic spots in the city.

Price list for Danzhou Hostel:

Bunk beds: 45yuan/person/night
Single room with one bed: 118yuan/room/night
Single room with two beds: 128yuan/room/night
Booking number: 18907652388, 18289448808
Address: No.318 Renmin Middle Road, Danzhou. 人民中路318号巴洛克西部商城内


Wuzhishan 517 hostel is 5km away from the bus station. If you are coming from Sanya, don’t go into the downtown, when you see the roadside of “Wuzhishan” on the highway, Futian Hotel 500 meters away, turn right at the hotel and you will see 6 villas which is the hostel.


Price list for Wuzhishan Hostel:

Bunk bed: 40-45yuan/person/night
Single room one bed: 100yuan/room/night
Booking numbers: 0898-86862829, 13504631287
Address: 6 villas, turn right of the Futian Hotel, Changhao Farm, Wuzhishan city五指山市畅好农场富田酒店右拐一排六栋别墅。

Hainan 517 station rental price list:

27 Speed hydraulic: Gale Mariano
50yuan/day, 240yuan/5days, 360yuan/8days, 450yuan/10days

27 Speed hydraulic: Giant, Duke of Merida, Bianchi
60yuan/day, 290yuan/5days, 450yuan/8days, 550yuan/10days

30 Speed hydraulic: Giant Manufacturing
70yuan/day, 340yuan/5days, 510yuan/8days, 650yuan/10days

Road Bikes

80yuan/day, 380yuan/5days, 580yuan/8days, 720yuan/10days

Buggy and Trailer: Merida, Carus
60yuan/day, 290yuan/5days , 450yuan/8days, 550yuan/10days

Electric Moped

80yuan/day, 380yuan/5days, 580yuan/8days, 720yuan/10days

Rental Deposit: (Only rent out more than 4 days)
Mountain bikes: 500yuan/one bike
Road bikes: 1000yuan/one bike

Equipment rental

Helmet, pack, front pack cushion cover, tool bag, inner tire, etc.

Fees for recovery:
Free in Haikou
45yuan / one bike in Sanya
100yuan / one bike for
Wenchang, Boao, Shenzhou, Xinglong, Haitang Bay

Rental along the journey: Except Haikou and Sanya, rentals from other hostels need to be booked in advance.


12% off for students
Non-students more than 10 persons group gets 12% off
Student’s more than 10 persons group gets 15% off
Free airport pick-up for more than 8 persons group that books bike rental and accommodation

Other services
Logistics support vehicles: 400-500 yuan/day
Logistics support vehicles with driver: 600-1000 yuan/day
Local professional leader: 300-500 yuan/day

Important Note:  Not all staff speak English, (and some of the English speaking staff only work part time) make sure you get the telephone number of someone who can speak English before you set out.

Hainan Station 517 provide emergency assistance to cyclists but it goes without saying, plan and prepare well before setting out!

More information:
Contact and Wechat:17766996517


Biking all the way around Hainan island is not only possible but has become something of a rite of passage for bikers in Hainan. The entire route is about 900 km long. Get started along the East coast of Hainan, where development is relatively advanced.

Wuzhishan Mountain

Once you’ve got the hang of Hainan by biking the east coast, head back along the West coast, which is more rugged and challenging. If you really have something to prove, try the central Hainan route. The mountains will punish you, but the sense of accomplishment and the scenery are both worth it.

Best time to bike:

While it’s possible to bike Hainan year round, the best season is winter. In January and February the weather is cool and refreshing without being cold.

Through years of riding and planning the 517 hostels group have planned and mapped out a number of rides around the island.

The routes are uploaded to the Xingzhe APP. To follow the 517 routes, you’ll need to download the APP and enter in the following codes below.

Download “Xingzhe”, sign up log in, search for the routes with the route numbers. If there are any further questions please contact the 517 official account.

East line route

ID No: 2734938
420 kilometres
3016 meters elevation gain

The East coast route is the number one biking route in Hainan, where most cyclists choose to begin their Hainan biking adventure. This route has excellent road conditions, low difficulty, and sweeping ocean views. Starting from Haikou, you will ride through Wenchang, Qionhai, Wanning, and Lingshui before arriving in Sanya. Most of the route follows the coastline and is lined with swaying palm trees. There are many cultural and historic sites to visit along the way, as well as plenty of shops, restaurants, and hotels to take care of your every need.

Riding difficulty: Low

Middle line route

ID No: 2735513
320 kilometers
3732 meters elevation gain

The first thing you need to know about biking the Central Hainan route is that it is full of steep mountain roads, which means this route is best left to the experienced and skilled biker. Those up to the challenge will ride through thick rainforests and discover the beating heart of Hainan’s Li and Miao minority cultures. There are fewer restaurants, shops, and hotels here, so make sure to stock up on everything you need when you get a chance. The road conditions are good on the central route, however, with mainly asphalt and cement road surfaces.

The Tunchang section is fairly flat, but the rest of the route is up and down the whole way. The Central route passes through Wuzhishan, Baoting, Tongshi, Qiongshong, and Tunchang. These are fairly rural areas where most of the inhabitants are Li and Miao, and you’ll get to really experience the vibrant culture of these minority peoples.

Riding difficulty: Medium to High

Western line Route

ID No: 2735521
870 kilometers
5987 meters elevation gain

The West Coast biking route is the longest of the three main routes in Hainan. Road conditions north of Dongfang are not good, and the pavement is often broken or rough. However, road conditions improve greatly south of Dongfang. The whole route is a bit hilly, but none of the slopes are too steep, meaning the route should be ok for most riders. The West coast of Hainan is much less developed than the East, and the scenery is much more rugged and natural. Starting from Haikou, you’ll pass through Danzhou, Changjiang, Dongfang, and Yacheng before arriving in Sanya.

Riding difficulty: Medium

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