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March 31, 2022, new confirmed case of COVID pneumonia (mild) in Haikou

Relevant situation and activity track

Case 3

Male, a close contact of case 1 in Haikou city, lives in longyingkangju, Fengxiang East Road, Qiongshan district. He has been vaccinated with two doses of new COVID vaccine and lives with one person (daughter).

On 27th, 28th and 29th, he worked with case 1 on the third floor of Times Square (Guomao Road) and was isolated on March 30th. On March 31st, the test result was positive, and he has been transferred to a designated hospital.

The related activity trajectories are as follows:

March 27th 14:30 Self-driving around Guomao and surrounding shops; 17:30 Self-drive to the third floor of China World Trade Centre Times Square; around 20:30, took an electric car back to residence.

March 28th 14:05 3rd floor, Times Square, Guomao Road; 20:30 rode a motorcycle back to residence; 22:40 Maigao KTV neon box in Longhua District.

March 29th 00:27 Fengji Ten Thousand Grilled Fish Restaurant in Longhua District (Binlian Night Market); rode a motorcycle back to the residence around 04:00; around 14:20, 3rd Floor, Times Square, Guomao Road; around 16:50, drove around the shopping area around Guomao; 17:00 3rd Floor, Times Square, Guomao Road; 21:00 BB Beer Supermarket (Blue Sky Road).

March 30th around 00:20, Kaihong commercial bank, Meilan District; around 00:30 Cat live house bar (Blue Sky Road); around 01:00, took a taxi to Erdong Road, Haidian Island; took a taxi back to Lantian Road around 01:35; around 02:00, took an electric car back to residence.

Warm reminder

If you believe you were in close contact, please take the initiative to report to the unit, community (village committee) or hotel where you are staying and complete the first nucleic acid test within 24 hours; Implement “two inspections in three days” (that is, two nucleic acid tests at 24-hour intervals within three days), do not return to school / work during this period, and cooperate with the related health management measures.

The general public is requested not to spread rumours. Continue to enhance awareness of prevention, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, maintain a safe social distance and do not gather in groups.

Get the coronavirus vaccine.

Haikou New Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters April 1st, 2022

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Comment or complaint

If you would like to make a comment, compliment or complaint about any aspect of living or working in Hainan Island, we’d love to hear from you. We pass all communications on to the relevant services. Please keep it polite and to the point.

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