Plans for smart energy applications central cooling station and BOC International Financial Centre in Haikou JDNA announced

Central cooling station

In order to promote regional smart energy applications, Jiangdong New Area announced plans to build an integrated energy (central cooling) station.

The energy station will have 1-3 underground floors which will be used as ice storage facilities and a cooling tower will be built on the ground level.

Once complete it will cover an area of around 7,000 square meters.

The platform will be a multi-energy supply system with electric refrigeration, ice storage and multi energy complementation as its core technology.

A spokesperson for the Jiangdong New Area Administration Planning and Coordination Department said that, “Compared with traditional decentralized stations, the construction of integrated energy stations will save more than 40% of the space occupied by refrigeration equipment, and reduce energy expenditure by more than 13%.”

Design plans for the Bank of China International Financial Center are officially released.

The BOC Financial centre started construction in September of last year and it is to become a landmark building for the Central Business District of the Jiangdong New Area Haikou.

The base of the building will be made from local grey hutong bricks and the design of the building will adopt some traditional aspects of Haikou architecture.

Rooted in local architecture the building will also use courtyard design elements to create space.

The cumulative operating income of the projects output value within the next five years is expected to reach more than 40 billion yuan and it is expected to employ more than 2,300 staff.

The opening of the BOC International Finance Center in the Haikou Jiangdong New Area will provide intelligent financing and business services and support the development of the new area central business district.

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