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Recording protected birds in the Haikou wetlands

The Xiatang Wetland Protection District is located in Haikou, Yanfeng town, adjacent to the Hainan Dongzhai Port National Nature Reserve.

It covers an area of about 3000 acres and it’s one of the 46 wetland protection areas.

A total of 127 species of birds have been recorded in Xiatang Wetlands, 7 of which are endemic species in Hainan.

Of the 127, a total of 85 species of birds were included in the different rare bird protection lists, accounting for 67% of the total number of birds.

The Scaly-breasted Munia is native to India, southern China, and much of south-eastern Asia. They are found in grassland habitats in their native range, particularly in areas near sources of fresh water.  

There are 11 species of second class protected birds in China. Including brown-winged cuckoo, small cuckoo, white spoonbill, owl, black-winged kite, black kite, white-bellied harrier, brown-eared eagle, kestrel, peregrine falcon, black-faced spoonbill.

There are 78 species of birds, which are under provincial protection.

The Chinese pond heron is an East Asian freshwater bird. Essentially a lowland bird, it is found in shallow fresh and salt water wetlands and ponds in China and adjacent temperate and subtropical East Asia.

Since 2018, The Hainan Birdwatching association has continued to conduct bird monitoring in the Xiatang Wetlands, their project is funded by the Alashan SEE Bird Fly Project.

Ren Bird Fly Project

Launched by the Beijing Entrepreneurs Environmental Foundation and the Mangrove Foundation, Ren BirdFei is a comprehensive ecological conservation project to protect China’s most endangered waterbirds and their habitats.

Pipits frequent open grass fields, roadside verges and sandy tracks, and cleared ground with little or no vegetation.

Between 2016 and 2026, the project gave priority to more than 100 wetlands and 24 rare and endangered water birds.

Eurasian Hoopoe, an utterly unmistakable orange bird with a zebra-striped wings, a Chinese fan of a crest (usually held closed, but often raised just after landing), and a rapier of a bill.

They also carry out active wetland conservation work through the “socialized participation” model initiated by non-governmental organizations, enterprise input and public participation.

The common kingfisher, also known as the Eurasian kingfisher and river kingfisher, is a small kingfisher with seven subspecies recognized within its wide distribution across Eurasia and North Africa. 

They are involved in building a civil protection network complementary to the natural protection system, establishing a conservation demonstration base and consulting with relevant departments of the government and society to jointly protect China’s most endangered water birds and their habitats.

Long-tailed Shrike. Adults have a dark mask and a light gray upper back with a variable amount of orange on lower back and flanks. 

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