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Recruit 2022 graduates at the Hainan Vocational College of Foreign Languages Job fair

Dear employer(s):

In order to better serve the employment of students, meet the needs of employers for talents, and promote exchanges and communication among colleges, graduates, and employers, our college is scheduled to hold the “Hainan Foreign Language Profession” job fair on November 18, 2021 (Thursday).

The College’s 2022 Graduates’ “Supply-Demand Meeting Event” would like to sincerely invite employers to come to our college to offer employment and select outstanding graduates.

While holding the offline supply and demand meeting, a one-month online recruitment fair for 2022 graduates will be held concurrently. Employers are also welcome to participate.

The Hainan Vocational College of Foreign Languages is the only public full-time foreign language college in Hainan Province. Its majors cover foreign languages, commerce, tourism, and art among other subjects.

Supply and demand meeting of 2022 graduates

Activity information

Business report time:

November 18, 2021 (Thursday) 8:30 – 9:00

Opening ceremony time:

November 18, 2021 (Thursday) 9:00 – 9:30

Job fair time:

November 18, 2021 (Thursday) 9:30 – 12:00

Deadline for registration: November 12, 2021

Location of job fair (sign-in location)

Sports Art Hall of Hainan Foreign Language Vocational College 海南外国语职业学院体艺馆


2022 and previous college graduates

Organizational Unit


Hainan Provincial Human Resources Development Bureau (Provincial Employment Bureau)
Hainan Vocational College of Foreign Languages
Hainan Baipin Human Resources Co. Ltd.

Network support

Hainan Direct Employment Network

Service items

  1. Free exhibition booths will be provided for all employers (one table and two chairs). Each unit has one booth, and the representatives are limited to 2 people (due to epidemic prevention and control reasons).

  2. The college will make a poster for the recruiting unit (please fill in attachment 1 “Hainan Foreign Languages Vocational College Supply and Demand Meeting Recruitment Information Form”, and prepare the rest of the recruitment publicity materials by yourself.

Participation process and requirements

Employers who intend to come to participate in the job fair, please scan a copy of their business license and fill in Annex 1 “Hainan Vocational College of Foreign Languages Supply and Demand Meeting Recruitment Information Form” before November 12, 2021.

The document and other materials are to be sent to the co-organizer via email at subject heading “Overseas Institute + Enterprise Name”.

The school will select according to the industry, nature of the registered company, and the matching degree of the recruitment position with the students. Selected companies will receive approval notice within one working day

If there are employers who have hired graduates from our college, please fill in Annex 2 “Hainan Foreign Languages Vocational College Graduates Work Status Tracking Questionnaire” and affix the official seal of the company and send it to Hainan Baipin Human Resources Co. Ltd. (Hainan Direct Hiring network)

Download attachments

Online Job Fair for 2022 Graduates

In order to meet the recruitment needs of employers for our college graduates and broaden the employment recruitment platform for our college graduates, the 2022 online job fair will also be held.

Business registration time:

November 3-December 15, 2021

Enterprise-scale: 300

Job fair time: November 19-December 19, 2021

Enterprise registration hotline:

0898-36381352 / 13005004236 (Manager Liang)

0898-65349350 / 15992699531 (Manager Hu)

Contact information


Hainan Vocational College of Foreign Languages, No. 178, Education Road, Wenchang City, Hainan Province 海南省文昌市教育路178号海南外国语职业学院

Enterprise registration hotline

Hainan Baipin Human Resources Co. Ltd.

0898-36381352 / 13005004236 (Manager Liang)

0898-65349350 / 15992699531 (Manager Hu)

Hainan Vocational College of Foreign Languages

Training and Employment Office: 0898-63297760 (Mr. Xu, Mr. Wang, Mr. Fu)

Note: (Any company that recruits graduates from hotel management, tourism management, tourism English, cooking technology and nutrition, please contact the Tourism Department 0898-63297329 in advance for consultation.)


Hainan Vocational College of Foreign Languages

Recruitment site prevention and control requirements

Personnel from medium and high-risk areas and epidemic-related areas are not allowed to come to the school for recruitment. Personnel from the above-mentioned areas are recommended to participate in online job fairs.

Personnel from low-risk areas outside the province must present a certificate of a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, health code, and itinerary code.

Employers in low-risk areas inside and outside the province can apply for admission to the school. The health code and itinerary code must be checked at the entrance of the college, and the body temperature should be below 37.3℃ before entering the school;

Employers must select staff who meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control to come to the school for recruitment.

During the recruitment period, if suspicious symptoms such as fever and respiratory tract occur, personal protection must be taken, and timely go to the designated fever clinic for medical treatment, and timely report to the school employment department;

Recruiters who come to the school must cooperate in personal protection throughout the process and bring their personal ID cards to register at the school gate. Enterprises that do not show their ID cards are not allowed to enter. They must wear medical masks throughout the job fair and keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter.

All graduates participating in the conference must take personal protective measures and consciously maintain a safe prevention and control distance of more than 1 meter when communicating with employers.

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