Recruiting High-level Innovative Talents in Hainan University

Employer Hainan University
Location Haikou, Hainan (CN)
Salary Negotiable
Discipline: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Health Sciences, Other
Position Type: Full Time
Job Type: Academic Dean/Dept. Head, Faculty, Group Leader/Principal Investigator, PhD Fellowship, Postdoc, Postdoc Fellowship
Hainan University, a key comprehensive university merged in August 2007 between the South China University of Tropical Agriculture and the former Hainan University, is a provincial level institute of higher learning and the only “211 Project” university for priority investment and construction in Hainan Province, jointly sponsored by the People’s Government of Hainan province, Ministry of Education and Ministry of finance. Hainan Province, is the biggest special economic zone and the only tropical island province in China. It is also an international tourism destination. Hainan University has three campuses: Haidian campus, Chengxi Campus and Danzhou campus, covering a total area of more than 347 hectares, with its main campuses in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province. There is a staff of over 2,500 , with a faculty of nearly 2,000, together with a total enrollment of more than 39,000 students. The university has 4 faculties, which consist of  21 schools (departments), Professional disciplines involve 9 subject categories, namely philosophy, economics, law, literature, science, engineering, management, and arts, which offer 2 post-doctoral programs, 5 first-order disciplines authorized to confer Ph.D. degrees, 21 first-order disciplines authorized to confer Master’s degree, 11 professional degree authorizations and 74 undergraduate programs. There are great student resources, excellent science research teams, powerful working platforms and free relaxed and open science research environment in Hainan University. The University aims to provide high-level talents with first rate working conditions and living environment to facilitate their rapid development in their new careers. The plan for introduction of talents is available with complete projects and distinct levels in Hainan University, aiming at recruiting high-level innovative talents both at home and abroad all the year around. If you are interested in information about the introduction of talents in various levels, Please feel free to contact us. Office Tel: 86-898-66271136 E-mail: Recruiting Website: You are welcome to join us to make contributions to a more brilliant Hainan University

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