Sanya Universe Traveller Hostel:

Hostels in Sanya: Universe Traveller Hostel

Sanya Universe Traveler Hostel is located in, quite possibly, the most advantageous area of the Da Dong Sea district. The prices are unbelievably impressive, considering that they are in the middle of one of Sanya’s more prominent hot spots and, subsequently, are only a short walk from one of China’s best beaches. This may have you thinking, “What’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one. What you get here are clean, air-conditioned spaces with their own unique (cheesy?) style, a friendly staff, access to a world-class beach, and, most importantly, people to meet. Each room has its own unique, and slightly tacky (think, decorated by your craft-loving great-aunt Delores) but charming decorative style to it. Rooms are exceptionally clean and plentiful, as you’ll see in the ‘Rates’ section.

Everything you’ve come to expect from a great hostel can be found here, but what the hell are you doing playing pool? The beach is a 7-minute walk to the south, so get out there!

About the area:

Da Dong Hai has long been associated with backpackers, hippies, and expats, and though big business has attempted to brush this aside to make room for new hotel development, the flame is kept alive by a number of people, both expat and Chinese, who simply refuse to yield. For the traveler, this offers a unique opportunity to get into the headspace of the backpackers of old, and have a few beers and some great food while you’re at it. The Da Dong Hai area has loads of restaurants and bars, both Chinese and foreign-run, so finding something to eat or do isn’t a problem. Da Dong Hai is smack-dab in the middle of Sanya, so access to downtown as well as popular scenic spots; notably, Ya Long Bay; is painless and inexpensive. Ask the hostel staff for information on things to see and do, they’ll be more than willing to help you out.

Basic Information:


Eng: Sanya Universe Traveler Hostel

中文: 三亚星际宝贝国际青年旅舍



Eng: A4 Qing Yun Villa, Lu Ling Road, Da Dong Hai District.

中文: 三亚大东海区鹿岭路青云台别墅A4栋 (靠近宝宏酒店副楼)三亚星际宝贝国际青年旅


Notable Facilities:

Air conditioning in all rooms.

Basic toiletries included.

Free Wi-Fi.

Pool table.

Public kitchen – Ask staff for details.

Bar and Restaurant.

Family Suite.

6 Bed Female Dorm with ensuite.

Luggage storage.

Laundry facilities.


Rates: (According to, October 2015 – Total Price)

Standard Twin Private - 130 RMB ($20 USD)

Superior Twin Private - 155 RMB ($24 USD)

Superior Double Private - 130 RMB ($20 USD)

3 bed Family Room - 160 RMB ($25 USD)

6 Bed Female Dorm (ensuite) - 51 RMB ($8 USD)

6 Bed Male Dorm - 51 RMB ($8 USD)

Mixed Dorms (PP) - 45 RMB ($7 USD)

How to get there:

We will detail how to get there from both the airport and Sanya Station.

Please be advised, Sanya has two railway stations, Ya Long Bay, and Sanya.

Ya Long Bay Station is, we feel, a little too out of the way to be a starting point in finding this hostel, and as such, tropicalhainan recommends starting from Sanya Station.


                                       To Sanya Station

    From Haikou East Station: 84 RMB ($13 USD) – 1.5 – 2 hours.

    From Meilan Airport Station: 84 RMB ($13 USD) – 1.5 – 2 hours.

    From Wenchang Station: 65 RMB ($10 USD) – 1.5 hours.

    From Qionghai Station: 49 RMB ($8 USD) – 1 hour 9 minutes.

    From Wanning Station: 34 RMB ($6 USD) – 50 minutes.

    From Lingshui Station: 19 RMB ($3 USD) – 30 minutes.

    From Ya Long Bay, Sanya Station: 6 RMB ($1 USD) – 8 minutes.


By Bus:

From Sanya Train Station:

Upon exiting the station you should see bus stops off a little to the left, head there.

You are looking for bus number 22, you can find out if you are at the right stop or not by checking the timetable located at each stop.

Catch the 22, pay the 2 yuan, wait for roughly 45 minutes and get off at Bao Hong Hotel stop (宝宏酒店 – Bao Hong Jiu Dian.)

The hostel is on a small side street off the main road. Turn left and head up the road about 60 meters. Take your THIRD LEFT and walk another 30 meters. The hostel is on the right-hand side of the road. It is nearly impossible to miss the giant yellow graffiti-style HOSTEL on the wall in front.

2 yuan


From Phoenix Airport: NOTE: This will take you nearly 1.5 hours. There are no shorter routes.

Exit through the “Arrivals” area and head for the main thoroughfare, Airport Road (结肠路.) Turn right and walk until you come to a bus stop; you are looking for bus number 36. Get off at Lu Ling Road Entrance bus stop (鹿岭路口.) Take a right and head up the road. Cross the road and take a left onto Lu Ling road (鹿岭路.) Take your first right and walk about 30 meters. The hotel will be on your right.

2 yuan


By Taxi:

From Sanya Train Station:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As Sanya is one of China’s premier tourist destinations, touts and “black cars” are plentiful. General rule, never take a “black car” (car driven by a private owner.) Black cars are NOT legally recognized by the government, and therefore, do not need to follow any of the rules outlined in local taxi regulation. DO NOT TAKE THESE CARS, for your personal safety, and because they will attempt to charge you up to quadruple the rate of a taxi


When you exit the station, straight in front of you will be a taxi line with legit, government regulated taxis waiting for you. Save yourself a headache and take one of these taxis. Show them the card, and off you go!

Should Cost you NO MORE THAN 25-35 RMB.


From Phoenix Airport:

Same rules apply here. Ignore the touts and head for the taxi line, which should be right in front of you, provided you exited through the “Arrivals” area.

Show them the card, and off you go!

Should Cost you NO MORE THAN 40-50 RMB.


Please take me to Sanya Universe Traveller Hostel

请带我去 三亚星际宝贝国际青年旅舍


地址: 三亚大东海区鹿岭路青云台别墅A4栋 (靠近宝宏酒店副楼)

Thank you!


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