Smart technologies to be used in Hainan to ease customs procedures for international travelers

Hainan’s main customs station, Haikou City, will cut the times and simplify border crossing procedures for foreigners who are visiting the island. According to, the authorities intend to implement “smart” technology —  highly automated equipment with the use of latest features. 

According to the website, the relevant steps have already been taken in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Public Security of China to simplify formalities and checks at border crossings.

“These are new measures are in accordance with the visa-free travel implemented by the island’s administration,” said the head of the Haikou checkpoint, “it will simplify procedures for visiting relatives, people visiting for treatment, exhibitions, and visitors participating in sports events”. 

As the official noted, visa-free travel across the island is possible both individually and by invitations.

The official clarified that yacht owners and their passengers would enjoy special privileges. Hainan established visa-free travel for citizens of 59 countries visiting the province for leisure and work. Thus, the authorities hope to accelerate the development of the largest experimental free trade zone in China, where modern medical and scientific clusters are being set up.
Source: TASS