These departments now integrated into the 12345 hotline number

On October 30, the Hainan Government Service Center announced that various government service hotlines in Hainan Province have been integrated and merged into the 12345 number.

As of November 1st, 2021 the following service numbers have now been integrated into the 12345 hotline number

12396 Science and Technology Public Welfare Service Hotline

12336 Natural Resources Illegal Reporting Hotline

12312 Business field reporting and complaint consulting service hotline

12301 Tourism information service hotline

12349 Civil affairs service hotline

12300 Hainan Telecom user appeal acceptance center

12356 Population and family planning laws and regulations consultation

96119 Fire hazard reporting and complaint hotline

12322 Earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation public service hotline

The following department numbers are still active and can also be contacted directly through the 12345 hotline

12320 Public health service hotline

12318 Cultural market reporting hotline

12317 Anti-poverty monitoring and rural revitalization consulting service platform

12367 National Immigration Administration consulting service hotline number

The following five hotlines have been integrated into the national 12315 complaint platform.

Queries and complaints regarding the 12315 hotline can also be made by contacting 12345.  

12315 Consumer complaint and reporting hotline

12365 Quality and technical supervision hotline

12331 Food and drug complaint reporting hotline

12358 Price supervision and reporting hotline

12330 Intellectual property rights protection assistance and reporting complaints public service hotline

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