20 Key Development Areas in Hainan supported by Central Government

20 Key Development Areas in Hainan supported by the Central Government

1. Support Hainan in establishing international exchanges for energy, shipping, commodity, property rights, and stock equity and carbon emissions.

2. Support Hainan to develop a new-generation IT industry and digital economy to promote the integration of Internet of Things, lOT, big data, satellite navigation and artificial intelligence.

3. Strengthen the establishment of the National, Nanfan Scientific Research and seed breeding base. Establish an international tropical agricultural product trading centre a pricing centre and a price index publishing centre with a focus on natural rubber. Establish a tropical agricultural product auction centre.

4. Support Hainan in the planning and building of a number of major infrastructure platforms to facilitate scientific research, a base for major scientific and technological innovation in aerospace and the South Centre National Deep Sea Base to create a strategic high ground of space technology innovation.

5. Establish a scientific and technological innovation management system and international scientific and technological cooperation mechanism in line with scientific research rules. Support the establishment of an international demonstration zone for offshore innovation and entrepreneurship.

6. Support Hainan in building modern marine ranching. Promote the development of “Smart Ocean” so as to become a marine powerhouse. Speed up the building of service guarantee bases for resource development in the South China Sea and maritime emergency rescue bases.

7. Support the pilot for a national park system in Hainan and establish national parks such as tropical rainforest parks.

8. Support Hainan in arranging and building large -scale consumption business clusters with international influence, improving the Internet consumption ecosystem and building “smart stores” and “smart business clusters”. Improve cross -border consumer services.

9. Develop international medical tourism and high-end medical services by virtue of the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, and lower the tariffs on medical equipment and devices required in the Pilot Zone which have high tariff rates. Support clinical research projects in cutting-edge medical technologies for stem cells.

10. Support Hainan to introduce high-quality education resources from overseas, and to host high-calibre institutions and programs through cooperation with foreign institutions. Renowned Chinese universities and research institutes are encouraged to set up branches in Hainan.

11. Support Hainan in building a National Southern Base for Sports Training as well as a provincial sports centre, encourage the development of horse racing and other events, and support Hainan in building a national sports tourism demonstration zone.

12. Support Hainan to develop into a headquarters base. Multinationals and large domestic enterprise groups are encouraged to set up international and regional headquarters in Hainan.

13. Support Sanya and other cruise ports in Hainan in taking part in a trial project of high seas travels for Chinese-funded cruise ships sailing under the “flag of convenience”; include Hainan into international tourist routes for ”multi-stop trips”, and allow Hainan to conduct pilot approval for waters temporarily open to overseas yachts. Support Hainan in implementing a policy of 15-day visa-free entry to overseas tour groups who arrive by cruise ships.

14. Support multinational corporations and trading companies in setting up and developing global or regional trade networks and creating regional offshore trading centres in Hainan.

15. Support Hainan in hosting large international exhibitions and festivals,
such as the International Commodity Expo, International Film Festival and China (Hainan) International Marine Industry Expo, as well as cultural tourism and international-brand exhibitions that fit the industrial structure of Hainan.

16. Support Hainan in engaging in scientific innovation cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road in the forms of people-to-people exchange, joint labs, science park collaborations and technology transfer, encourage countries along the Belt and Road to open consulates in Hainan.

17. Support the development of business formats such as cross-border e-commerce and global MRO; support the setting up of a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce and the upgrading of related supporting services including customs supervision, finance and logistics; support the operation of bonded import business for online retail shopping in cross- border E-commerce.

18. Support the establishment of international trade platforms for cultural art crafts in customs special supervision areas to carry out exhibitions, auctions and trading of bonded cultural art crafts from around the world according to laws and regulations; support the application of customs supervision within bonded areas for aircraft MOR businesses outside the special customs supervision areas.

19. Support eligible oil companies in providing supply of bonded oil to ships for international voyages and building a supply base of bonded oil.

20. Support the establishment of a trading centre for intellectual property rights, and promoting the building of an IP operation and service system.

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