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5 top WeChat mini programs you’ve (probably) never heard of!

5 top useful WeChat mini programs for work and life

WeChat mini-programs are “sub-applications” within the WeChat ecosystem. They provide advanced features to users such as e-commerce, virtual store tour, task management, coupons, and other services. Some of the most popular WeChat miniprograms include Meituan Dianping, Didi, Mobike etc.

Monthly active users of WeChat Mini Programs in China as of September 2020, by category
Monthly active users of WeChat Mini Programs in China as of September 2020, by category

WeChat now has over one million such mini programs, so here are 5 popular ones you’ve (probably) never heard of.

1. WiFi One-Key Connect is an official mini program produced by Tencent.

Longpress or scan for WiFi One-Key Connect

This mini program allows you to connect to Wi-Fi signals for free in public places like airports, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and subways etc.

It’s a very useful tool if you’re travelling and don’t want to burn through your data plan while watching an episode of Peaky Blinders as you wait for the train.

How does it work?

The mini program holds a database of Wi-Fi passwords from all across China and is able to connect your device using those passwords.

Unlocked wifi China
Simply select an unlocked WiFi to connect

First make sure WeChat is updated to the latest version.

Scan/long press the Qr code below (or search WiFi一键连 in wechat mini programs).

Select a WiFi connection marked Unlocked” and you’re good to go!

2. WeChat Index: a key tool in your China digital audit

WeChat Index Mini Program
Longpress or scan for WeChat Index Mini Program

Ever wonder what’s trending on WeChat? Well now you can find out!

WeChat Index tool enables you to get a trend of mentions in the WeChat ecosystem.

In the Search Section, you can search for popular term trends and keywords on WeChat.

Search for covid
Search results for COVID-19 on weChat

WeChat Index is helpful for both marketers and researchers in China, as it allows you to conduct basic keyword research in the China digital ecosystem.

This tool is quite similar to Google Trends

How does it work?

The algorithm factors the following data to give an overall measure of how much a keyword has been mentioned in WeChat:

  • big data analysis
  • mobile indexing of WeChat articles
  • the exposure of shared articles

These metrics give a good overall picture of WeChat ecosystem trends as it captures more than just article mentions.

3. Tencent Surveys (search for 腾讯投票 in the mini program option)

tencent surveys
Longpress or scan for Tencent Surveys

Tencent Surveys is a very underrated mini program. If you want to create a poll or a short questionnaire, this mini program will generate one for you.

Super useful to organize events, answer quick questions, and gather quick statistics.

Tencent surveys single multiple
You can design single or multiple choice answer questions

There is a range of surveys you can chose from, and you can have multiple choice answers or a simple “yes” or “no” answer choice, depending on your preference.

Tencent surveys options
The userface is in Chinese but its easy to get to grips with

The interface is in Chinese, but it’s easy to get the hang of and you can create survey questions in any language.

4. Literacy with pictures

Literacy with pictures
Longpress or scan for Literacy with pictures

WeChat does have its own built-in translation option, but it can struggle with forms and handwritten text.

This OCR text recognition tool can scan the text of a book, magazine or image as well as handwritten notes to your mobile phone and convert it into text that can be modified and edited.

The recognition rate is good, and it supports word conversion, which can be converted individually by clicking on a certain part of the selected text.

The interface is in Chinese, but only takes a few minutes playing around with it to get the hang of it.

Take a photo
There are 3 options, print, handwriting or forms
Click ok and translate
Click ok and translate
Once the text has been captured, click translate

5. Sleepy sounds

If all that has tired you out and you need a nap, try Sleepy Sounds.

Sleepy sounds
Longpress or scan for Sleepy sounds

Insomnia? Trouble falling asleep? Snoring partner?

No problem! This mini program plays carefully selected soothing sounds to help you fall asleep like a baby.

Sleepy sounds interface
Sleepy sounds interface is in Chinese, but easy to navigate.

Choose sounds like ocean waves, chirping insects or wood burning fires, set the play length, close your eyes and let yourself drift off to a good night’s sleep.

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