August 27th, Hainan Province national fitness games will be launched in Evergreen Park, Haikou

On the evening of August 27th, the Hainan 2021 “National Fitness Day”, the 13th National Fitness Games in Hainan Province, will be launched in Evergreen Park, Haikou.

Approximately 600 athletes from 24 cities and counties across the island including, Yangpu Economic Development Zone, industry Sports Association, Provincial Industry Association and state-owned enterprises will take part. 

15 sports associations in Hainan will bring interactive projects and programs to the celebrations.

With “National Fitness and Olympic Games” as the theme, the games will set up various sporting events for the public to actively participate in and promote national fitness and national health.

It is reported that at the opening ceremony of the Hainan games, the men’s windsurfing RS:X-class athlete Bi Kun, golfer Yuan Yechun, and taekwondo athletes from Hainan participating in the Tokyo Olympics will send best wishes to the villagers of Hainan through video link.

The games run from August 28th to 31st.

There will be 30 mass competition events, with 23 traditional categories including basketball, nine-a-side volleyball, table tennis, badminton, futsal gateball, tennis, volleyball, backgammon, go, chess, bridge, Square dancing, archery, darts, martial arts, qigong, billiards, roller skating, rugby and beach volleyball.

There will also be 5 fun categories, namely: lifting water and drought resistance, carrying your “daughter-in-law”, five people tug of war and together we paddle, (your guess is as good as mine on that one).

The ethnic category will include a crossbow competition.

The fitness arena will host 8 items including pull-ups, 30-second rope skipping, push-ups, sit-ups, standing long jump, nine-square shot, shot put and fixed-point shooting.

Citizens and tourists are invited to Evergreen Park to participate in fun interactive game experiences.

On-site staff will distribute activity manuals in the service area to guide citizens and tourists to experience sporting interactive challenges such as shooting, archery, rope skipping, and model aircrafts.

Finishers can get free gifts with their punch-in stamps.

Attendees are asked to please cooperate with the organizing committee’s epidemic prevention and control measures.

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