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Can shareholders force a company to provide corporate security?

If a company intends to provide a guarantee to a shareholder or actual controller of the company, it shall make a resolution through the shareholder's meeting or shareholders' assembly.

How is severance pay calculated?

Everything you need to know to calculate your severance pay correctly.

What to do if you get sick eating take away food?

Recently become sick from eating a bad take away? Answers on what you can do here.

What triggers severance payment?

Think you are entitled to severance payment? Have a look at these 12 points.

How not to lose money when investing in China.

Looking to invest in China? Take a look here before you do.

Does the company stamp really matter?

Does a company stamp really matter? Can a deal be cancelled because of no company stamp? All the answers here.

Free shares! A trap or a windfall?

Has someone offered you free shares in a company? You might want to read this first.

Can you recover rental agency fees if your agent hides facts?

Information on the law regarding agency fees and rental of property in China.

Can the property management increase your fees without consent?

Can the property management increase your fees without consent?

Is crowd-funding illegal in China?

Is crowd funding illegal in China? Follow this short story to find out more.

Can the property management office cut off your water?

The laws in China regarding property management services and them cutting off your utilities.
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Jobs in Hainan

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